Michelle Pfeiffer will star in the film adaptation of the comic

Мишель Пфайффер снимется в экранизации комикса
59-year-old actress is on a new career.

Мишель Пфайффер снимется в экранизации комикса

Michelle Pfeiffer


As it became known, Michelle Pfeiffer
joined the shooting team of the film based on the popular comic book.
“Ant-man and Wasp” — the sequel to the commercially successful film
“Ant-man”, which was released in 2015 year.

In addition to Pfeiffer, the new movie will star and other famous
actors Michael Douglas and Laurence Fishburne. And, Michelle got the role of the wife of the hero of Michael Douglas, a scientist who invented a method of turning human
ant. The film will be like in the first film, Peyton reed. And the main role will play again actor Paul Rudd. To see
the new movie, viewers will in the next year.

As for Michelle Pfeiffer, though she is celebrated
this year, my 59th birthday, the actress and did not think to leave ”
retire.” On the contrary, after a brief lull, her career is going through
new take-off. In 2017, the screens already released two films with her participation, and by the end
year, viewers will have the opportunity to see their favorite actress in two works:
the drama “Mother” and the new film adaptation of the famous novel of Agatha Christie “Murder in
Orient Express”.

Shot from a film “ant-Man”. 2015


Recall that during his career, Michael has managed to star in
more than six dozen films and TV series. And how she, despite her
age, looks good, is a burning envy of even much more
young colleagues Pfeiffer.