Anna Grachevskaya horrified staff from the operating table. PHOTO

Анна Грачевская ужаснула кадрами с операционного стола. ФОТО Actress and presenter has decided to increase the buttocks. For this Grachevskaya arrived in Saint Petersburg. At the moment, the celebrity recovering from surgery. Next to it is the beloved spouse who supports Anna.

      Анна Грачевская ужаснула кадрами с операционного стола. ФОТО

      30-year-old TV presenter and actress Anna Grachevskaya, ex-wife of the founder “jumble”, decided on plastic surgery. Despite the fact that the woman has an almost perfect figure, she was unhappy with the size of his fifth point, and decided to make it more appetizing. According to the surgeon I contacted Anna, she made a combined increase of buttocks with implants and own fat tissue.

      Operation for which the celebrity arrived in the cultural capital, lasted several hours. At the moment Grachevskaya feels well and is recovering after medical intervention.

      “I came to Dr. Nugaeva Timur Shamilevich in Saint Petersburg. Anya is very happy. Anticipating a lot of negative reviews about this, I want to state that I fully support Ani! Her endless struggle with excess weight and holding yourself in a rigid framework is very difficult she was given. So she decided radical. I support my husband one hundred percent! She is very bold and brave, will dare not everyone. I love her and now with her all the time”, – told the “StarHit” Artem Kuzyakin, husband of Anna Grachevskii.
      Анна Грачевская ужаснула кадрами с операционного стола. ФОТО

      By the way, the artist specifically have put on a little weight, so that the doctors could borrow from her fat tissue. In this regard, Grachevskaya appeared in public in a spacious clothes, which aroused suspicion in pregnancy. Anna herself did not respond to questions about his interesting position. “I have in the near future, all free and not tight. Otherwise fawn” – shared the actress in the microblog.

      By the way, Anna Grachevskaya is a real expert in the field of beauty. Presenter and actress has done a variety of procedures. So, in August of this year, Anna resorted to acupuncture, in order to keep your appetite under control. In addition, the celebrity is regularly engaged in the gym to keep myself in great shape.

      Recall that this summer a woman got married a second time. Elect Grachevskoe was a basketball player Artem Kuzyakin. The ceremony the ex-wife of the founder of the “jumble” was held in a very unusual location – at the jewelry factory. “It happened that God gave me such a person. It seems to me, there is no such equal. Many times I told her, and early this morning sent a text message, saying that she’s amazing, such is not the case. I am very happy that we are together,” frankly confessed lover of Anna.

      Анна Грачевская ужаснула кадрами с операционного стола. ФОТО