Вадим Казаченко слег с микроинфарктом после скандала с женой 53-year-old singer was hospitalized in the clinic. On the eve of his lawful wife Olga Kozachenko told the whole country that Vadim put her out of the house on the seventh month of pregnancy. She did not give up and went to the law Agency to protect themselves and the unborn child.

      Вадим Казаченко слег с микроинфарктом после скандала с женой

      Yesterday in the program “Let speak” the whole country saw the legitimate spouse of the singer Vadim Kazachenko. For two and a half years of marriage Olga at the request of the husband did not advertise their marriage. However, after she announced Vadim glad tidings that soon the couple will become parents, the musician was infuriated and kicked his pregnant wife on the street. Olga didn’t have the strength to be silent, but because she called the program “Let them talk”, where he told Andrei Malakhov on his difficult life situation.

      Vadim Kazachenko left a pregnant wife

      This conflict could not affect the health of the performer of the hit “Hurt me, hurt me.” As it turned out, after seeing on the screen, the heart of a man of advanced age could not withstand. He was hospitalized in one of capital clinics. After the assistance provided state of the artist has stabilized and now it feels good.

      Andrei Malakhov told in the program that Kozachenko was invited to the Studio “Let them talk”, but the man refused to participate.

      Lawyer Kate Gordon decided to help the pregnant wife Olga and defend her rights. The whole community is literally rocked story wife Kozachenko. They could not believe that a man could do that to the mother of his unborn child. However, viewers of the program did not escape that Olga is not until the end discovered the truth about the situation in his family. They shared this observation with Katya Gordon, who told the reason why the spouse Kazachenko contain himself, but tried to protect her.

      “For this I OLE inserted later. But she didn’t want to tarnish her husband. My position – just come, say it. But I can’t get the client. And it is possible to understand,” the lawyer said in his microblog.

      Kate is going to the end to defend the rights of his client. She believes that pregnant woman should get help from the legal wife. Gordon intends to do all that in a family the conflict affected the unborn child. Katia did not restrain his emotions and turned to those who leaves moms in the lurch.

      “And you men, throwing women emerging with your children, you know, you almost killer, you are risking their lives in the wombs of the women and me absolutely to spit, what are you goals is encouraged,” wrote Gordon.

      Subscribers microblog Kati expressed her support. They believe that justice must prevail. Especially because Olga has every reason to claim the property and the contents of the baby.

      “Olga knew that it was time to give birth to their first child – found human like. Let them give birth to health! The fact that he coveted, is unacceptable. Mom feel sorry for her: going through. Olga will stay with what he wanted – a child. He – with the help of secured ladies. Mother – house. And no need to raise panic”, “Katyusha, you’re Done! Applause to you! I’m sure I’ll bring this matter to a just end! Take care of yourself!” “Kat, where to find so much strength in you? Not cease to admire you big fellow,” wrote a follower.

      Now the scandal between Kazachenko and his wife watching the whole country. On this subject spoke of their friends and all those who surrounded the pair. However, the man himself is in no hurry to share their point of view on the situation. According to the publication Life.ru the musician is now needed rest to fully restore health.