Only love Andrei Gubin found happiness with others

Единственная любовь Андрея Губина обрела счастье с другим The heroine of the video “Lisa” has created a strong family and living abroad. Idol 90s Andrey Gubin admitted that his shyness prevented keep her next to him. Now the artist lives alone, but does not lose hope to meet my soul mate.

      Единственная любовь Андрея Губина обрела счастье с другим

      Popular in the 90-ies of the singer Andrey Gubin was the idol of millions. Numerous fans filled up the favorite artist of flowers and gifts and did everything to attract attention – expect backstage after the concerts, watched the Windows of the house musician. Despite the fact that Andrew was surrounded by the crowd of fans who dream to associate my life with, now the executor of hits “Winter-cold”, “girls like stars” spends his days in solitude. In the “Nineties” Gubin admitted that he only loved one girl in his life, who once starred in his music video “Lisa”. However, his shyness prevented to build good relations and to create family with the beloved.

      Единственная любовь Андрея Губина обрела счастье с другим

      “Such a smart girl, I remember, I was scared. I merged,” admitted Andrew.

      Though Gubina failed to hold his beloved, relatives of the artist aware of what is happening in the life of his former passions. As told by the sister of singer Anastasia martial, that she could find happiness with another man and started a family.

      “It’s all good. She now lives in Switzerland, she has two wonderful children,” the relative told the star 90.

      Now Andrey Gubin lives alone, continues to write music and recovering from a serious illness that paralyzed his muscles. He blames nobody for the fact that he had not found his soul mate. Andrew believes that in the course of life was Dating the wrong girls – any of them he did not dare to start a family. Despite the fact that now men over 40, and he might successfully establish a personal life, women are not eager to see the idol of the 90s next to him. Andrew keeps trying to meet his one and even goes to various tricks to attract attention to his person. Andrey Gubin: “Women merge me”

      “With women I have no relationship. Although I love them very much. To me, nobody talks. I all the time go to the contact with the girls both in life and in social networks, but they are all in succession drained me. Once in order to reduce the time for the Dating process, I left the ad “Ready to become a sponsor. Andrew”. And you know, no one answer. On the one hand, it pleased me. So the women are not so corrupt,” said Gubin “StarHit”.