Anita Tsoy struck toned figure in a bikini

Анита Цой поразила подтянутой фигурой в бикини The actress is enjoying the holidays in the Maldives. The star decided to go to Paradise island to gain strength and positive emotions before the upcoming events.

Anita Tsoy was a few days before the upcoming concert on victory Day and performances during the spring festivals. The artist decided to use free time with benefit for body and soul. Celebrity flew to the Maldives, where almost all year round you can swim in the warm ocean and sunbathing under the scorching sun.

Anita shared with subscribers a striking photograph taken during a holiday near the pool. In the picture, Choi is posing in a sexy purple bikini that flatters her figure. “A little rest will not hurt,” – said the singer in the caption to the picture.

Fans of the stars were delighted with such a bright frame and covered Anita compliments. “You krasotulka our”, “Wow, you look beautiful, slender, athletic figure!”, “What a beautiful photo and place, and a girl with a good figure. Comfortable”, “Oriental beauty,” wrote the social network users.

Anita always tries to keep track of its internal state, so it knows exactly when to take a break from your busy schedule. According to Choi, she also listens to the predictions of an astrologer and numerologist who work in her team.

“Fate brought me astropsychology Anna guy, she began to give me advice. For example, could call and warn: “Today is a mercury retrograde, will want to fight and argue, it is necessary to behave in hands”. These days I try not to argue with her husband – you know that every extra word can lead to a scandal,” said Choi.

Anita Tsoy carefully watches her figure and tries to eat right. According to the artist, regular exercise help her stay slim and toned. A celebrity is a separate blog which shares with followers secrets and recipes for healthy meals. Besides, according to Anita, it is important to expose your skin to the temperature stress that it remains taut.

“Washing your face, alternate hot and cold water. After a bath or sauna obotrites snow. Or make it a rule every morning to harden the face and décolleté with ice cubes. Your skin will be silky, you will acquire a healthy color and will catch up. During the temperature stresserei yourself do facial massage, the effect will be much better” – gave advice Choi.