Виктория Боня познакомилась с 50cent в мобильном приложении The presenter sent gifts half. During his stay in the United States Victoria Bonia started to use program with which you can earn money. Star managed not only to get a letter of thanks from the Creator of the service, but also to communicate through him with a well-known performer.
Виктория Боня познакомилась с 50cent в мобильном приложении

A few weeks ago, Victoria Bonya opened for a new mobile app where you can not just put photos and news live shows, and even earn.

“One of her friends introduced me to the owner of this Internet service, he has launched abroad in test mode – shared Bonia with “StarHit”. – Held a meeting in the office, and told him that I have a very active subscribers. He in turn introduced his invention, showed how it works. I really at first did not understand. Made two test post – I liked: there are very good quality photos, like automatically superimposed filter – get beautiful skin, healthy. Not that the front camera’s Instagram, where they look 10 times worse than it really is.”

Victoria Bonia showed luxury living in Hollywood

“I went on the air. And after some time a message comes from a friend that the owner of the app thrilled, saying, after I added 30 thousand people at once. He even sent me a thank you letter. Continued to go to live shows, and somehow look – came the rapper 50cent. I was a fan of his, madly followed from the first album. And suddenly I see – he calls me via the built in app facetime. We chatted with him live, he asked where I was so beautiful and how to find me on Instagram. In General, we met. I even said that it was ready to star in his music video. And found out that he found me and signed up. Left a comment that I look nice under one of the photos. I hope it will be fruitful,” said Bonia.

On the financial side, during the live broadcast, users can send each other “gifts”, which are then easy to cash out. Every 600 coins is $ 200. At the moment, Bonia has already earned thus about half a million rubles. However, all the money spent to send the same gifts to other users of the program.