Glory Dvoretskov hinted at a breakup with tori Karaseva

Слава Дворецков намекнул на расставание с Тори Карасевой The man left a mixed record in the microblog. The musician posted a picture in chic apartment that has puzzled his followers. In post Dvoretskov said that now he depends on no one.

Many fans of the project “Dom-2” follow the life of the show even many years after they leave the site. Subscribers of Fame Dvorackova look forward to new pictures and videos. The man has a unique Outlook on life and creativity. As noted by the users of the social network, his musical work will understand only the elect.

A few hours ago Dvoretskov shared the luxury bathroom. Musician posing in a red bathing suit in the shower. However, special attention of followers attracted the signature to the frame.

“By itself,” said Glory.

Presumably, this phrase the ex-member of “House-2” has hinted that his relationship with Victoria Karaseva came to an end. About a young woman no one has heard. For several months she did not appear in social networks. Her followers have built various assumptions about what could happen with the brunette. In the opinion of the majority, it is a place where the Internet doesn’t work. “Victoria asked me to give that back soon online, now she’s out of town, engaged in household chores and temporarily has no way to access the Internet” – has clarified the situation of the users. Glory Dvoretskov spoke about the disappearance of tori Karaseva

He is the chosen one Tory is tired of the comments that asked him about the woman. He refused to answer any questions about Karaseva. One of the former members of telestroke Rustam Solntsev said that Victoria and Glory no longer live together.

“I don’t understand lies, which went to the former participant of “House-2” Victoria Karasev. She recently assured readers of his “Instagrama” that ten years is in a relationship with by Vyacheslav Dvorackova. This is also true, she told me that this novel several years ago came to an end. Why did she cheat and to ascribe a connection with this loser? She’s so pretty, bright girl, free status would long ago have found themselves a hundred times better than this Glory…” – shared a showman with “StarHit”.