Энистон так похудела, что с нее сваливаются джинсы

During the next walking 47-year-old actress had to hold my pants up.

The public almost every day finds a reason to impose a Jennifer aniston pregnancy. Well, very much want fans to favorite actress finally my mom was. The tummy has appeared, has bigger Breasts, and sometimes the face is swollen!

But the next release of aniston proved that the actress is not yet ready to be a mom.

Recently, Jennifer decided to go shopping in new York’s SOHO district. Paparazzi noticed 47-year-old star in the moment when she held the white jeans!

No signs of pregnancy, and belly aniston, as always, sporty and perfectly level. The opinion of the public was focused not only on stomach but also on magnificent breast star, which stressed aniston tight shirt and the bra chose not to wear.

Recall that just two weeks ago the Western media resounded with the news that aniston is pregnant! The reason for news were the last pictures of 47-year-old actress during a vacation in the Bahamas.

“Jennifer is expecting a child. And she and Justin Theroux are very happy,” said the insider. And then he added: “aniston has long wanted a child of Theroux. The news of the pregnancy came in is not the easiest time in her life – she just died mother, and the relationship with Justin gave a crack, but the pregnancy can help to restore relationships.”

But once again the news was not confirmed, and the appearance of Jennifer aniston proves the opposite – actress has tirelessly lead a healthy lifestyle and is actively involved in sports!

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