Мария Кожевникова хотела сделать пластику

The actress said that only a miracle had saved her from the rash step

On the national stage ladies who have had recourse to the services of plastic surgeons are not uncommon. Dozens of duck lips, swollen after Botox individuals, silicone Breasts. Sometimes it seems that they all came to us from one incubator. Maria Kozhevnikova almost joined the slender ranks of the artificial “beauties”.

Your experience about plastics Maria shared on the social network page. And she started her post with thoughts about beauty. “Beauty? What is beauty and what its criteria?! “says Kozhevnikov. – Facial features, model parameters, proportions, charisma, or… Interested in your opinion. For me personality. Came to this immediately. Like any girl, flipping through magazines, I told myself that I want this color hair, same shape of eyebrows, etc. Until at some point not understood what fashion trends to spoil me, and I lose myself.”

The reason for changing the opinions about his appearance to Mary was going to the office of a plastic surgeon. “Fortunately, my brain fell into place pretty quickly, about 10 years ago. Then everything just started to pump up the lips, and all my girlfriends told me about this “miracle”. No wonder I wanted to try. It should be noted that, first, I am very afraid of injections, and secondly, all foreign in the body too. So for me the decision was difficult, but apparently I have, fortunately, a strong angel. Before the procedure, I inject the anesthetic, and I faint. Unpleasant, of course, but there is a silver lining. Apparently, this small blow to the head and brought it order. The doctor was frightened with the words that “IT” is not necessary, sent home. Since then, no more desires to change something in yourself, and the more change, did not arise.

At the end of his story Kozhevnikova expressed the hope that someone may be useful: “I Hope my story anyone would be deterred from duck, the same lips, and maybe even something more serious. Sometimes you need to work with your thoughts and feelings, it will probably take more time and effort, but it will be definitely cheaper and there are no consequences and disappointment in the result, and most importantly – you will be yourself! Be individual!”

It is worth noting that without the intervention of plastic surgeons Maria looks amazing. Agree?

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