Лариса Гузеева бросила курить

Host of the show “let’s get married” boasted that we were able to get rid of the addiction.

Larisa Guzeeva never hid the fact that nothing human is alien to her. It does not apply to that category of stars who disappears for days in gyms and eat only steamed vegetables, and in the evenings meditating. No, in good company Larissa may skip a glass and a cigarette to smoke, and the word obscene to speak. What recently the host of “let’s get married” even had a fight with his fans. They condemned the star for what she had champagne at 7 am. But, according to Guzeeva, that’s not happening every day. And anyway, she stepped on to the path of correction – decided to part with one of the bad habits.

“Friends share: quit Smoking! Loved the dresses! Anyway, the summer is cool! Rejoice!” – shared the happy news Guzeeva.

In fact, about the passion of the presenter to cigarettes, few people knew. And she has admitted that smokes occasionally, because he understands what damage nicotine has on the skin and teeth.

I don’t smoke, because it’s important for me to look like skin, hair, nails, teeth. Still, it’s my profession, my bread, – he confessed in an interview to “Komsomolskaya Pravda” star. I always say to my mother: “If you beat me, I would quit”. My roommate and I stole my uncle Fyodor, deceased, miner cigarettes, six cents a pack… Poor girl grew up”.

But now addiction in the past. And on the agenda the question of all women Smoking: how to quit Smoking without gaining weight? Now Larisa Guzeeva in great shape. I hope she can keep it in the future.

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