Ани Лорак страдала из-за насмешек и оскорблений сверстников The singer spoke about the cruelty of classmates. Ani Lorak recalls how the girls laughed at her poor clothes, and she could not resist them. Now many people want to follow the example of the actress.

Ani Lorak became a famous singer, who won the love of thousands of viewers around the world. However, luck is not always accompanied to the artist. Lorac remembers, as a child she had a difficult relationship with classmates. Only after her participation in the contest “Morning star” fell on her fame, but the singer was complexed.

“I spent several years lived and studied in a boarding school. There was hard, sometimes very, but I had a rescue scene where I wanted and where about everything was forgotten. And after the death of his brother give us a one-bedroom apartment, and I go to boarding school I’m going to public school two of the last class before graduation the 9th. Girl classmates didn’t accept me. Ridiculed my wretched clothes, was called the ugly duckling. Reply I could not. Not because he was weak and defenseless, no. I have a different concept: I can’t respond to stupidity on stupidity. Still. The shock and offense was, but apparently did not submit the form and in the skirmishes did not enter the principle,” – said Lorak.

The singer remembered that it recognized all the classmates only during prom in the ninth grade. She sang before a crowd of classmates. All the boys present in the room were amazed at the beauty and talent of the Ani.

“And I’m in a white dress with flounces, halter neckline (remember it perfectly well!), the curls on his head, a smile on his face, eyes burning. And all with their mouths open listening to the children and teachers. When I was coming down from the stage, I was surrounded by ten guys, all with one question: “And will dance with me?..” remembered lorac.

Star tries not to pay attention to criticism. On tour “Carolina” she remembered about her past, about that little girl, which many were offended. Working on a show DIVA, Ani felt quite different, more confident.

“The Director of the show Oleg Bondarchuk, when it came time to think about a new program, proposed the name DIVA. At first I said, “Hey you!”. A year ago agreed, realizing that you’ll be able to convey. “The stated conditions to be met. So no one would shout: “the king is naked”. If I don’t feel the goddess inside of me no one would believe. At some point I realized that DIVA is my story” – admitted Lorak in an interview with Woman.ru.