Ник Вуйчич стал отцом двойни The wife of a famous motivational speaker became a mother for the third time. Nick Vujicic shared this happy event with the followers and is now receiving congratulations from all over the world. Apparently, the girl was born absolutely healthy.
Ник Вуйчич стал отцом двойни

In June it became known that the famous motivational speaker Nick Vujicic will become a father again. His wife Kanae waited for the twins. 20 Dec woman gave birth to girls who are the happy parents immediately gave the names Olivia and Ellie. Vujcic also said that now he and his wife tie ribbons of different colors on beanie babies to distinguish between them. As it turned out, the twins were born at intervals of two minutes Olivia Mae was born in 7.54, and later – ally Laurel.

Nick did not hide the joy of replenishment in the family, and told fans on the social network page.

“Thank you to everyone who prayed for us, thank you for your love! Baby Olivia and Ellie were born right in my mother’s birthday. Each weighs a little more than two pounds. Kanae and girls feel fine. Thank You, God!” — said Vujicic.
Ник Вуйчич стал отцом двойни

Fans from around the world rush to congratulate the family with such a joyous event. They consider nick a great dad, but because I have no doubt that the girls will be surrounded with care and attention.

Apparently, the baby is perfectly healthy. The fact that nick is a hereditary disease, which manifests itself in the absence of the four limbs. Despite the ailment, the man is an example for many people around the world. He stands in front of a huge audience, inspiring and motivating to achieve their goals. He had a partial stop – finger separating operation has been successful. After that he was able to learn how to write and work freely on the computer.

Also Nick and Kanae bringing up two sons, four-year and two-year Kiyoshi Dejan. The man admitted that infinitely grateful to his wife – it was for her sake he overcomes hardships to become even better.

“My wife – that’s who inspires me to feats. Together with her we skydive, surf and lead an active lifestyle. When I feel bad, it motivates me: “You can do it!” I love her to bits and I want to say that people who have illnesses should not give up on yourself – there will be someone who will love you and make you believe in a miracle,” said Vujicic “StarHit”.