Ксения Бородина устроила сюрприз для младшей дочери Leading “House-2” congratulated baby happy birthday. Two years ago a girl was born in one of capital clinics. Today mom and dad had organized a party for Teona, inviting animators and decorate the house with colored balls.

Early in the morning Ksenia Borodina and Kurban Omarov congratulates the daughter of Theon birthday. The baby was born two years ago. According to happy parents, the birth of a girl has changed their lives.

“At 8 a.m. I put Xue in the car and drove to the hospital. Today it has been exactly 731 days from the moment Theon the Kurbanovna was born. Our lives sparkle even more colors. Despite his age, Theon is the main link of our large and friendly family. Happy birthday my life!” – wrote Kurban in the microblog.

Ksenia posted a video with the participation of TEI, in the caption to the MDM, noted a growing daughter. According to the presenter, the girl builds up in the house and is fine with older sister and brother.

“Thea, my dad and I didn’t think you’d be such a spirited lady. I all children judged by Marusya, and it seemed to me that everyone should be the same calm and quiet girl, but it turns out, my father lacked such a leader. Prokurori you our. We all go home to attention. You’re very cool. You’re two years smarter than all of us combined, and how smart you are, because even the pediatrician loses the gift of speech, from such a number of poems, which you know he is two years old. My favorite girl, you opened me up, just on the other side, which is very serious and strict mom I became a mother, from which you mold what your heart desires”, – says Borodin.

Country house where the family lives, was decorated with balloons, and a visit to Thea came, the animators dressed in costumes of the heroes of the cartoon “Three cats”. Followers of Xenia admire the image of the girl in the white dress and shoes.

“Happy birthday to this little beauty! To grow up healthy and bring joy to your the best mommy in the world”, “I Wish my mother’s tenderness and father’s care, fun and endless curiosity to understand the world”, “Let us never know the sorrows and troubles! No anger, no greed, no sorrow,” he joined in the congratulations of parents and their followers.

Recall that Ksenia Borodina and Kurban Omarov, a long time did not show beloved daughter. Only last autumn they published the Teona from the front. Fans of the couple admired the blue eyes of the girl and noted that she looks a lot like dad. Ksenia Borodina: “the Daughter complains to me dad”