Ани Лорак пережила семейный кризис

The singer admitted that due to the busy schedule nearly broke up with her husband.

The relationship with the singer Ani Lorak with her husband Murat seem eternal idyll: romantic acquaintance at the resort, a beautiful wedding, the birth of a daughter…

But, it turns out this marriage wasn’t always like a fairy tale. As admitted the singer in an interview in her family, too, was crisis: due to the busy schedule of Ani was rarely home, and at some point the husband rebelled, and put the question squarely: what’s more important, me or work?

But, apparently, the singer managed to find a way to balance a career with personal life.

— A modern woman who works a lot and need the time on all fronts – shared Ani with Woman’s Day. — On the one hand, my favorite scene on the other – not less important part of the family. Of course, Murat may not always afford to accompany me on trips, he has his own business. But important for our family moments try to be there. My husband and I each trip as a honeymoon, because you miss each other due to frequent breakups that at my work, then at him. And even if you are far away, the morning started with words of love, and in the evening exchanged in aseneskak the kisses, smiles, tokens. Important daily care for a loved one.

We will remind, last year Ani and Murat celebrated 10 years of Dating. This important day was spent in Turkey, a country where there was their first meeting.

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