Angelina Jolie tried to save the marriage with brad pitt

Анджелина Джоли пыталась спасти брак с Брэдом Питтом The actress spoke about shooting together with her ex-husband. Two years ago on the screens released film “côte d’azur”, which, according to rumors, provoked a divorce, Jolie and pitt. Angelina admitted that the picture had, on the contrary, to help her improve relations with her husband.
Анджелина Джоли пыталась спасти брак с Брэдом Питтом

The divorce of Angelina Jolie and brad pitt became one of the most talked about events of the past year. Since, as Hollywood stars announced their decision to part, their story regularly acquires new details. Some time ago in the tabloids even discussed a possible reunion of the actors, however, apparently, this is another rumor that is untrue. In a recent interview with the American edition of Jolie openly spoke about how he tried to save his marriage.

Angelina thought that the joint work with brad on the movie “Cote d’azur”, which premiere took place in 2015, will help establish their relationship. The actress acted as the Director of the film, telling about the problems in couples.

“Our romance started on the set. Besides, we really did work well together. I wanted we spent together serious work, and thought it would be a good way to establish a relationship and save our marriage, confessed Jolie. – In some ways it was, we learned something. But it has not helped to solve some of the problems that we had before.”
Анджелина Джоли пыталась спасти брак с Брэдом Питтом

However, the actress does not regret that he decided on this experiment. The film “Cote d’azur” has become the first in a long time joint work with Jolie and pitt. Prior to that, in 2004, they starred in the blockbuster “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, which became fateful for celebrities. A year after the premiere the stars announced their relationship.

“The work of art can heal, or, on the contrary, to be very difficult to understand. I don’t know… I’m glad we released the film “côte d’azur”, because we were able to do something together. Maybe it didn’t help to solve some certain things, but we still told each other what was necessary,” said the actress to The Hollywood Reporter.

Earlier in an interview, Angelina admitted that she suffers alone. “It’s not what I wanted. In such a situation is not good, it’s very hard,” shared the actress. Jolie admits that the breakup with pitt for her was an ordeal. Speaking about the divorce with brad, Angelina has stressed that he is her family.

“I was down” – brad pitt for the first time about divorce and the fight with Angelina Jolie

By the way, yesterday in Hollywood hosted a charity Breakfast edition of the movie. During the event, Jolie delivered a heartfelt speech in support of feminism. Angelina spoke about the importance of gender equality and women’s rights to freedom.