The star of “the battle of psychics” Sergey Pakhomov started talking about life in poverty

Звезда «Битвы экстрасенсов» Сергей Пахомов заговорил о жизни в нищете Recently, actor and TV host announced his intention to run for President. Now Sergey outlined the main points of his election campaign and told how needed the facilities of childhood.

Former member of “the battle of psychics” Sergey Pakhomov, whom the people called Ded Pahom, this summer, surprised the audience by stating that he was ready to run for President of the country. In one of the groups of the popular social network even appeared in campaign posters and statement Pakhomov.

51-year-old magician continues to talk about a possible presidency, raising universal issues such as poverty, for example. In a recent interview with Pakhomov, answering a question about his mission, explained that its “task is to poison the environment, navonyat, roughly speaking”. And the reason is poverty.

“I’m a punk from a poor family with a constant desire to make evil protohype that I invented. And this is all way out of poverty is: you were born in a poor family, nobody knows you dandruff podzalupnyy — and you need all teeth to snatch in life. If you have no brains to learn, tear and break. This is a normal course of history, the course of life. And I for this scheme, the radical punk maximum always misbehaved. And here djulyunitsa to a potential presidency. In principle, it is a normal way of Bruce Lee”, – said Sergey Pakhomov.

Now Sergey Pakhomov busy on television, he leads the show “Supernatural selection” on the channel “TV-3” – actor reveals the most powerful mages and sorcerers, traveling around the country and many witches and wizards to pass the test. Pakhomov says that this transfer was part of his election campaign “as the presidency country, and on mysticism, magic and witchcraft”.

“I always think comprehensively. So now I’m together with this greatness of the Russian President will automatically become President of the magicians and psychics of Russia”, – explained the psychic.

Participant of “Battle of psychics”: “the Groin is not a living person. This hero of the 21st century”

Funny and sad Grandfather Pahom, who speaks in riddles, rarely expressed clearly, made appropriate, contradictory, the new forecast for 2018. “Every year is everything that happened in all other years, just the emphasis is moved… So the coming year be filled with shit, and gold,” – said Pakhomov in an interview with the Daily Poster