Dmitri Hvorostovsky wanted to die in his homeland

Дмитрий Хворостовский мечтал умереть на малой родине The countrymen of the famous singer shared with reporters memories of him. All who personally knew Dmitri Hvorostovsky, and admired his courage and high degree of professionalism. Many also noted that the artist is respectful of the Krasnoyarsk.

Nov 22, died the famous Opera singer Dmitri Hvorostovsky. The artist died in London after a long battle with cancer. The contractor bequeathed to his ashes divided into two parts and buried in Moscow and in the homeland, in Krasnoyarsk. The sudden death of Hvorostovsky was a real blow to his fans.

A colleague of Hvorostovsky: “He worked very hard”

Reporters contacted the friends of the famous artist, who shared their memories of him. Olga Ginberg, Director of music school №4, where he studied Dmitri, was at his last concert. The woman admired the courage of the performer.

“He came on the scene, and in addition to tears, we have nothing. He was after the injury. I have no words to describe what I felt… hall He bravely held on. And in the end he had tears in his eyes: “I had to come and arrived.” Very sorry…” – said Olga Pavlovna.

During his recent visit to Krasnoyarsk Hvorostovsky, according to his colleagues, gave the impression of a seriously ill person. Fans understand that he goes on stage for the last time. However, many sincerely believed in miracles and hoped that Dmitry will to overcome severe illnesses.

Those who personally knew Hvorostovsky, noted that he was very respectful of their native land.

“One day, Dima said, “Lar, I wish to go into the forest and die in their native land”. Then laughed and said, “you Know, maybe I will live on and we will meet”, – said a friend and partner of baritone Larissa Marzoeva.

According to the recollections of friends, Hvorostovsky has always had a high degree of professionalism. Even during his studies at the University Dmitry grasp everything on the fly and quickly memorized information. The artist studied with legendary pedagogue, honoured art worker of Russia Catherine Iofel.

“She invested a lot of energy and pedagogical talent. Instilled in him discipline and kept a tight rein. He came very young guy from school. And of course, sometimes being able to afford somewhere to walk. Wherever he spent his time, always went to study with Iofel fit, ironed, and assembled as a string,” admitted the concertmaster of the Opera class of the Department of solo singing and training of the Krasnoyarsk Institute of arts Marina V. eagle.