Angelina Jolie spoke about his fatal mistake

Анджелина Джоли рассказала о своей роковой ошибке
The actress was first admitted that “finished off” her relationship with pitt.

Анджелина Джоли рассказала о своей роковой ошибке

Angelina Jolie and brad pitt in the movie “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”

Photo: Outnow

Angelina Jolie is still not
can complete the divorce process with brad
Pitt — the father of their six adopted and biological children. The actress, who has repeatedly said, how hard was her decision
divorce and how she worries about it, decided to tell you finally that
was the last “straw” that hit their relationship.

Jolie for the first time acknowledged that before the beginning
work on the drama “by the sea” in the family brewing controversy. Angelina tried to get rid of them in creative ways: she wrote a drama script and
decided to shoot her with her husband. This film was about unhappy
couple experiencing a crisis of relations. Alas, work on
the project has only exacerbated the problems in marriage Jolie.

“I thought then: we met and fell in
each other when they starred together in “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, and it was just perfect. So I decided
what we have to work together — this time on serious material. I thought
interaction in the process of understanding the roles will help me and brad
to work on our own relationship. And in some ways this has borne fruit. That is, we were able to draw some conclusions — I realized a lot about us. But
it was very hard, but the findings were not too positive,” admitted

Of course, according to Jolie, it’s not
only in the movie. She was not in the best shape.
“I survived the most difficult in my life for 10 years. He lost his mother, survived
mastectomy, suspected cancer, culminating in a radical
operation. There were many other, I had to go through,” he said
Angelina, hinting, apparently, at the long-standing problem of Pitta
with alcohol. “Now I realize that creativity can heal, so to do
everything is just harder. But brad, in the end, at least something figured out and realized that our problems
need permission” — says

Angelina Jolie and brad pitt in the drama “by the sea”

Photo: Outnow