Aglaya Shilovskaya married

Аглая Шиловская вышла замуж
The actress promised that he would legitimize the relationship, only when I get pregnant.

Aglaya Shilovskaya and Feodor Vorontsov

Photo: Oleg Zotov

Aglaya Shilovskaya married Feodor Vorontsov, whom
met five years. The actors were married in secret, inviting
a celebration of only the closest friends. It is reported Starhit. According to
a close friend of the star for an important day Shilovsky lost five pounds,
sitting on the diet and enhanced fitness classes. “The wedding was very fun, —
a friend said Olga. — After a quiet painting in the Moscow registry office, the couple in
family and friends went to the restaurant”.

“Fortunately, in my busy work life has been
a place of love. Fedor Vorontsov — actor is in the Theater Vakhtangov, together with
parents, honored artists Mikhail Ivanovich Vorontsov and Elena
Ivochkina, — said the actress in an interview with the magazine “Caravan of stories”. — So
they have also a acting dynasty. My parents named me in honor of Aglaia
heroine of Dostoevsky. It seems to me a good sign that the name of my
a young man such as my favorite writer Fyodor Mikhailovich
Dostoevsky. We met at the Shchukin school, Theodore learned the course over.
Friends were going. Fyodor liked me, but he married young, and
married men are taboo for me, I don’t tear families apart. In my eyes he
a son was born, in my eyes, Fyodor divorced, experienced, we became closer to communicate.
And so, in spite of everything, five years together.”

Another interesting fact was that Aglaya had been led to believe they are with Fedor legalize
relationship only if the actress gets pregnant. “While Fedor live in civil
married and want to have that relationship, only when you have children. My parents
too got married after mom got pregnant. Especially that honey
month we with Feodor have already been to the Maldives we went. There looking at me and
Fyodor, the hotel staff kept saying: “Honeymoon” (honeymoon) — and we do not deny”, —
said Aglaya.

You can do
the conclusion is that either the actress was cunning, giving interviews, or she’s in position and
soon, the happy parents and / or legal husband the appearance of the firstborn.