Angelina Jolie has apologized for the mistreatment of orphans

Анджелина Джоли оправдалась за жестокое обращение с сиротами The actress believes that her statement about the casting misunderstood. According to journalists, Angelina Jolie was teased disadvantaged children, offering the children to simulate the theft of money. As reported by the media, this situation occurred in the samples of the painting “First they killed my father.”

In a recent interview, Angelina Jolie said that the shooting of her directorial work “First they killed my father.” In the film involved young actors. Told reporters, the movie star used harsh methods of working with children. According to some, every child who came to audition, she laid the money on the table and asked the candidate to pretend that he steals them. Then the applicant had to explain what this means.

Among the children who wanted to star in Jolie were orphanages and orphans. That is why this behavior Jolie has condemned in society. People accused her of cruelty. The actress decided to explain. According to Angelina, in fact, the casting was different. Celebrity is very sad that the media distorted her words.

“The assumption that during the casting in front of the child on the table to lie down real money, it is absurd and sad. It’s not true. I would be the first outraged if this happened in reality,” said Jolie.

The producer of the film made Rithy pan, which told in detail how was the casting. He said that before the start of the trial all children participating in the listening to, explained that they will be recorded on video and showed where the camera is.

“They made it clear that you will need to do: pretend that they steal the food or money left unattended, and after that they will “catch” on the scene. This scene was important because in life lung Ang was such episode: the Khmer Rouge caught her brothers and sisters stealing. The purpose of these samples was to understand what the child feels when he is caught red-handed for something he wasn’t supposed to do. It was pure improvisation. Children are not cheated and not played, as suggested by some,” explained a colleague of Jolie.

Recall the film “First they killed my father” is designed to help the people of Cambodia. They should openly tell about the deep injury sustained in the period of the so-called “cleansing” which occurred in the country in the 70-ies. The film is based on the autobiographical book lung Eng.