Broke the spine Maria Komissarova learning to walk again

Сломавшая позвоночник Мария Комиссарова заново учится ходить Athlete for the first time in three years rose to his feet. Maria Komissarova, a few months ago became a mom, tries to make independent steps using the exoskeleton, created in the innovative center “SKOLKOVO”. Skier traveling in a wheelchair is going to train three times a week.

Athlete who received a serious spinal injury during a training session at the Olympics in Sochi Maria Komissarova shows determination again to start walking. All these years, the skier moves in a wheelchair. However, Mary is convinced that this is not a sentence.

These days she once again takes her first steps. Maria Komissarova was published in the microblog video that captures this crucial moment for her. In the frame perfectly clear, as a skier moves through the exoskeleton, the latest development of the innovative center “SKOLKOVO”.

“Learning to walk again. SKOLKOVO exoskeleton in action. 3 years later you try again, only then was German Rewalk. So everything is different from the height of the 177 looks. Good feeling” – shared impressions on an independent walk Maria Komissarova.

Members of the athletes expressed her admiration for the willpower. They Express confidence that such a persistent girl will walk.

“Mary, I’m surprised at your will power! And I believe that gradually everything will be fine! Get up on your feet and you walk. And thank you for your brave heart”, “Mary, I admire you! You serve as an example for many. Good luck, you all can do it!” “Mary, you and the opportunity to go! I will be very happy! I believe in you!”, “Son super! You’re a big lad, all can do it!” – supported Mary Komissarova followers.

The athlete was overwhelmed by the response to his post and thanked the fans, promising to do three times a week. “Guys, thank you all very much for believing in me! I wasn’t expecting so many reviews and kind words! Today there was training. Thank you rehabilitation center 21st century for such an opportunity to see the asphalt and generally look around from the height of its growth – mega cool! Now I lie awake and feel so tired, like once after the race,” shared Maria.

Athlete, indeed, is an example of unprecedented strength of spirit and will. The life of Maria Komissarova is divided into “before” and “after” February 15, 2014. During training in Sochi on the track of ski cross, she fell and injured back at the clinic the doctors diagnosed: fracture of the spine with displacement. However, Mary never lost hope once again begin to walk.

On 26 November last year, the athlete, at that time already pregnant with firstborn, and her boyfriend, Alexey Chaadaev were married in the Canary Islands, in winter the pair were married in one of the temples of St. Petersburg. In April of this year, Maria gave her husband a son. Broke the spine Maria Komissarova gave her husband a firstborn