Angelika Varum lost his voice

Анжелика Варум потеряла голос The actress picked up a serious virus. According to Anzhelika Varum, it is not able to have fun at the birthday party of their friend Vladimir Presnyakov. They only congratulated the birthday boy and returned home.

On the eve of one of the restaurants of the capital Vladimir Presnyakov noisy celebrated his birthday. Guests of the evening were many of his friends, family and colleagues in show business. Angelika Varum and Leonid Agutin was also on the guest list. However, as she told the singer, she was unable to fully enjoy the celebration because of illness. Despite this, she looked gorgeous the footage shared on the social network page.

“Yesterday, the words of her husband and numerous guests, noisy and cheerfully celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of our friend Volodya Presnyakov. Me because of a stupid virus, managed to stop just for a few moments with bated breath to hug the hero of the day, prebaciti toast and go back to bed to the Scent – to my doctor. PS my Husband for a friend worked as a florist, personally made bouquet! I think it turned out very elegant,” said Varum.

Fans worried about the star. They wished her a speedy recovery. The singer told about his health, replying to comments followers. Varum said that about a week will be fine. “If diet, excluding protein foods and drink up to five litres of water in su tki, short time – about 3-5 days. It’s disgusting that this virus voice disappears for a few days,” explained Angelica.

All of fans admire her strong relationship with Leonid Agutin. U; couple has a grown daughter Lisa, who lives in the United States. For many years artists have not only happily married, but together engaged in creative work. In interviews, the couple has always explained that their Union was so strong because they have a lot in common.

“We’re still together, because very similar in character, attitude to work, creativity and people’s musical preferences. Just like brother and sister. Sometimes it seems that if I were deprived of the opportunity to tell Angelica – for example, what now happening to me – it would be the greatest tragedy. Because she’s important in my life the person with whom I can share everything. Here such it turns out the secret. And, of course, “we are eternal tenderness of each other,” said Agutin. Leonid Agutin and Angelika Varum: “It was happiness that scary”