Olga Buzova is looking for groom throughout Russia

Ольга Бузова ищет жениха по всей России Channel TNT has announced the casting of participants in a new romantic TV show. The intent of the producers, the main heroine Olga Buzova contenders for her heart will travel to another country. The winner will make the star and heart.

Recently it became known that Olga Buzova is the romantic heroine of a new TV project. The winner will make the star and heart. Filming will take place abroad. Earlier in the week on TNT officially announced the start of casting in the show.

On channel site says that participants can only be single men aged 18 to 40 years. Occupation does not matter. Those lucky enough to qualify, will go on a journey with Buzova.

“Who do we need? Ambitious guys and accomplished men, creative personality and office workers, athletes, start-UPS, the military, the participants of the reality show, researchers, it specialists and many others who want to link their fate with the most enviable bride Russia! Applicants will undergo a serious selection at the casting and travel in the romantic country to compete for the heart of Olga Buzovoy”, – stated in the message of TNT.

The questionnaire of the participant of a casting consists of five items – name and surname, age, phone, city of residence and link to the page in social networks. About when will sum up the results, is not specified. Premiere date of the show is also unknown. Apparently, it will not happen before summer or autumn.

In the news section on the website of the channel mentioned that Olga Buzova “created one of the most powerful personal brands.” “She’s 10 years on Russian television! It is a few months went from an aspiring singer to one of the most popular artists of the Russian show-business! (…) She just wants to be happy,” – says on the page casting.

Rumors that Olga Buzova will look for the groom on the set of television show began to be discussed in November last year. Then this was announced by the writer and producer Lisa Astakhova. “It would be unfair not to note that feminism in Russia begins a difficult journey – TNT will do a female version of “the Bachelor.” I must say that TNT just brave, go against the wind” – she wrote in his Telegram channel.

In March of this year saw the premiere of the sixth season of “the Bachelor.” This time the bride looking for Egor Creed. In the new edition of the show filming occurred scandal 23 – year-old artist on the label Black Star goodbye party Sonia makeevoy. As it turned out, the girl became friendly with the operator. The Sony action caused resentment among the people of Egor. The contractor was outraged by the behavior of the model and stated that it is in a state of shock. “It’s so vile and disgusting that I want to send to hell and forget like a bad dream,” said creed. Participant of “the Bachelor” came to the project for the pure love and found dirty sex