The widow of Eugene Evstigneeva preparing for the addition to the family

Вдова Евгения Евстигнеева готовится к пополнению в семье Irina Zybina happy in relationships with peers Denis Serdyukov. The actress who completely trust their partner and says that she wants to give him a baby. Serdyukov may dispose of the property by Zybina and to represent its interests in court.

For a long time, 54-year-old actress Irina Zybina Dating 48-year-old Denis Serdyukov, known to viewers for her role in the film “the Legend №17”. Love does not interfere with the age difference. Their first release took place a year ago in the framework of the festival “Amur autumn” in Blagoveshchensk. Joint appearance by Zybina and Serdyukov on the red carpet caused a lot of talk. Later, the artists admitted that he is very happy and adjusted very seriously.

In a recent interview, Zybina said that preparing for the replenishment of the family. The actress wants to give the chosen child.

“Yesterday, Denis and I went to Church. Defended there the entire service. This is a good sign that the temple let us in. We regarded it as a blessing. Seriously thinking with Denis about joint children. I want to give him twins,” admitted Irina.

Actress full confidence in the second half. The Zybina believes that she has nothing to hide from Serdyukov. So I designed for him a General power of attorney. Now Dennis may present interesting Irina in court and to dispose of all her property. The woman is sure that the beloved will not go against her.

The idyll in relations with Zybina and Serdyukov violate the trial of the actress with the son of her late husband Alexander Blagonravova. Alexander Blagonravov Junior claim on the property owned by Irene. Trying to put an end to the conflict with a young man, Zybina has agreed to take on the world. However, Blagonravov, Jr. suddenly changed his position and refused the arrangement.

Recently in Moscow hosted a press-conference about a situation in which turned actress. She Zybina are unable to attend the dialogue with journalists. Star hit her head and lost consciousness. The interests of the artist represented her beloved Denis Serdyukov. Lawyer Irina Yuliya Verbitskaya stated that they intend to fight to the end. Hearing the Zybina will pass in the Tver court in the closed mode.

According to the actress, she has materials that can make Alexander Blagonravova, Jr. to stop the fight for the property. According to Zybina, she has information that affects his father. The woman publishes this data if the stepchild will not take any decision in the near future.

“Believe me, it is sensational facts. For example, the fact that I took American friends to one million dollars for the development of her husband’s business, and he eventually bankrupted the company”, – shared Irina with the publication “Express Gazeta”.