Anfisa Chekhova shared spiritual experiences

Анфиса Чехова поделилась душевными переживаниями
The presenter takes a break from the hustle and bustle in Bali.

Anfisa Chekhov in Hong Kong

Photo: @Instagram achekhova Anfisa Chekhova

To live under the watchful
the public attention is very difficult, and even professionals such as Anfisa Chekhova, still sometimes requires a “reboot”. In the life of TV presenter daily happy
others positive attitude and always in a good mood, but on vacation
give yourself the opportunity to relax and even a little blue.

“In Bali. Restart.
To not write anything I want. Dark and light simultaneously at heart. On the surface
out all the scum that formed during all this time, of vanity, urban
life… I Want silence!” — Anfisa shared in his microblog. Before
as to “settle” for Bali, Chekhov visited Hong Kong, where he had been near a huge
statues of the Buddha. “At the feet of the Great Buddha of inexpressible energy. Despite a lot
tourists, no fuss, noise, DIN. The feeling that you are in solitude and in
silence. You can sit on a bench and think about your. I’m so relaxed that even
I took a NAP. All the problems seem easily resolved here, all the disturbing thoughts
fly out of your head like birds. A large, Grand and compassionate
The Buddha, like breathing…inhaling and exhaling the mist…” — said TV presenter.

Incidentally, Anfisa
start preparing for a trip before the beginning of may. Then, it has acquired several
new swimsuits. By the way, fans have noticed that especially for the release on
Chekhov’s the sea noticeably lost weight. So probably soon
the presenter will please fans of their photos in bikini on the beaches of Bali.

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