Anna chipovskaya was terrified by his fans

Анна Чиповская привела в ужас своих фанатов
The actress made a lot of fans worried.

Anna Chipovskaya

Photo: @Instagram chi_pa Anna chipovskaya

New picture of Anna
Chipovskaya really freaked out fans of the actress. The fact that
the photos, which she published in his microblog, the actress showed her…
broken face! Anna stood before the fans with abrasions and bruises all over
face. Realistic picture added sad expression of the eyes Chipovskaya. “Spring”
— briefly signed photograph of Anna. Fans
got very scared for the actress and suspected that there might be wrong.

Fortunately, as it turned out,
“broken” person Chipovskaya just a reflection of the quality of makeup and part
the character of Anna. The actress is now taking part in his new project,
which are not yet known. It is not excluded that grim may have taken for
filming a music video Chipovskaya.

Lately Anna
more time on music creativity. So, for example, a
time ago chipovskaya recorded the song “My Girl” is a cover version of one of
songs of the legendary band Nirvana.

And in the framework of the festival “Golden mask” took place
the first solo concert of Anna. It is noteworthy that this concert is not
sold tickets, entrance for all visitors was free, and helped Chipovskaya
her musician friends. The house, incidentally, had already an hour before
the beginning of the concert. After the performance Anna spectators
was ecstatic — chipovskaya was able to prove that it is their
vocal abilities can produce not less strong impression than
the acting talent.

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