Nadezhda Granovskaya explained the reason for its thinness

Надежда Грановская объяснила причину своей худобы
The singer reassured fans alarmed.

Nadezhda Granovskaya

Photo: @Instagram nadyameiher Nadezhda Granovskaya

From the moment of birth
the third child of Hope Granovsky still less than six months, and the singer has already
is in tremendous physical shape. Some fanciers even considered
after birth, the singer’s excessively lost weight and became like a different person. But Hope reassured
alarmed fans, explaining the reason for the strong loss in weight.

According to Granovsky,
after having children she never gets better, but on the contrary, much thinner. For singer,
as she admitted, is “a natural tendency”. Hope also said that
during the first pregnancy only gained four extra pounds, for the second
seven, and twelve for the third, but breast-feeding always leads her figure in previous
form. Moreover, Wilson does not go to the gym, and not fond of

Toned body singer —
the result of the mobile lifestyle of Hope. Besides, recently she began a regular
tango classes — preparing for the art show Historia De Un Amor (the Story of one
of love”), which will premiere in June. So, time for relaxation at
singer simply no.

Recall that Hope
gave birth to her third child — a daughter, Marika, earlier than expected. So
it turned out that during the beginning of fights Granovskaya was home alone with her children, mother
trouble she did not, and the singer’s husband, businessman Mikhail Urzhumtsev was in
on a business trip. Therefore, in the hospital, Hope went by yourself behind the wheel
own car. Wilson admitted that the appearance of the children for her
it is always a gift from heaven. “Me and Igor and Anya were unplanned
children. The next child, I think, while waiting in the wings in heaven. When he
decide to come into our lives, we Misha will be happy,” admitted Hope.

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