Andrey Zhitinkin before Christmas I visited a flea market

Андрей Житинкин перед Рождеством побывал на блошином рынке
Moscow hosts a unique festival.

Андрей Житинкин перед Рождеством побывал на блошином рынке

From 14 to 17 December at the legendary Tishinskaya square, building 1 is the 47th Christmas Flea market. Collectors from Russia, Belarus, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, the UK and Central Asia brought not just things with the story, and unique finds for the new year all visitors of the exhibition.

Favorite pre-Christmas flea is a carnival, where everyone feels a bit of a child, leaving the head in the dance bright Christmas toys, glass beads, tinsel and unique gifts to family and friends. If you are thinking how to decorate the holiday table, it’s time to be inspired “Christmas table fan flea market.”

Андрей Житинкин перед Рождеством побывал на блошином рынке

Pianist Alexei Skanavi, TV presenter Tatyana Pushkin and Catherine Ufimtseva, Director Andrey Zhitinkin, the artist Armen Yeritsyan about festive table with grenades, authentic antique dishes, silverware and candelabras with candles shared their Christmas stories. For example, actress Irina Rozanova for the holiday nothing “special” out of the closet lacks, and uses all what the family usually eats. A necessary element of the decor — my mom’s bowl of tangerines and apples — and that her family uses every day.

And pianist Alexei Skanavi on the Christmas table from year to year kuznetsovskiy bowl for the salad and set small hand painted plates vintage German porcelain that gets out of the closet only for big family celebrations. Actress Anna Peskova puts on the table the small live fur-tree branch and puts scented candles. Catherine Christmas each Year he meets with an old grandma’s chandelier and lit candles of red, which burns out the dawn of a New Year.

And if in your wardrobe there is no relevant things to the nearest new year’s feasts come for them at the Flea market! However, good specimens are quickly dismantled. Pieces of the past disappear from the shelves Tishinke and out of our world so fast that before you know it. So do not expect new, it will appear and come to us for old.