Гэри Олдман отравился никотином
Ex-husband uma Thurman is afraid of losing his new wife.

Гэри Олдман отравился никотином

Gary Oldman with his wife Giselle Schmid


Gary Oldman said
interesting story — a warning
smokers. He admitted that he smoked an incredible amount of cigarettes during
the filming of “the Darkest Hour” about the famous British Prime Minister Winston Churchill,
he has experienced severe nicotine poisoning, from which he had to be treated. However, the 59-year-old Gary, who
played the film’s main character, smoke so much not willingly. Movie Director Joe Wright when the Oldman tried to protest,
said decisively: “It’s Churchill! And Churchill is impossible to imagine without

In the end Gary had to “smoke”
almost continuously. “I lit a cigar, smoked it a couple of duplicates… I then I
ran the prop, and for further takes gave have started a new cigar. And so
10-12 of takes for each scene…” — said the actor. Just shooting him
had to smoke about 400 cigars.

But “smokes” was not
the only problem of Oldman at work on this project. The fact that
the complexion of the actor is very different from the stocky figure of Churchill. But when
Gary suggested gain weight for a role he firmly refused. “I soon
it will be 60 years. And if I gained 30 pounds, as
I was asked, the rest of the days I would spend trying to get rid of them. And
this could badly affect the health. So the creators of this movie
had to take care of makeup and special “fat suit!” — told

However, Gary is likely a little
slukavil. Actually, he probably is afraid of not only for their health, how much
fears that it will fall out of love with new wife Gisele Schmidt, with whom he
combined legal marriage in September of this year. Incidentally, this is the fifth
(!) on account of the marriage of the actor. Moreover, the second spouse of Gary was Uma Thurman,
where had the patience to make complicated nature of Oldman’s only two years.

Gary Oldman in the movie ” Darkest Hour ”