Бывшая «Перчинка» избавилась от воспоминаний об экс-супруге хирургическим путем
Mel b went on a radical step to forget about Stephen Belafonte.

Бывшая «Перчинка» избавилась от воспоминаний об экс-супруге хирургическим путем

Mel B


Mel b, aka Melanie brown, is recovering after the recent scandalous divorce with her husband Stephen
Belafonte. To quickly erase in
literally — reminder
a painful marriage, the singer went on a radical step. She demanded that
surgeon cut off a piece of her skin on which is written his name!

In fact, to get rid of
from the tattoos, the rash guard is made in honor of the “eternal love”, after a novel or
marriage ends in failure — a common occurrence
for celebrities. But this is usually done with a laser that is
quite a significant period of time. But Steven’s so molested Melanie that she’s not
I wanted to wait. And removed part of the tattoo surgically.
That the surgeon, at her request, and she did, putting 13 stitches.

The former Spice girl proudly shared a photo which depicted
the result of this operation. It looks like this: once removed standing
first name Belafonte, left, the inscription: “… till death do us part, my
heart belongs to you!” So when the temple is fully healed, Melanie can
without a new large tattoo to add to the former only the name of her new Beau, whom she
will get to that time.

As for Stephen, he, unlike Melanie, is quite
pleased with the result of divorce. On the one hand, he got a joint with
ex-wife custody of their 6-year-old daughter Madison. And on the other he was able
to ensure that the ex-wife to pay him spousal support check — in
40 thousand dollars a month. Not to mention the fact that brown was obliged, by the
also, to pay court costs in the amount of 200 thousand dollars.

Mel b and Stephen Belafonte