Andrey Malakhov twice a month became the godfather

Андрей Малахов дважды за месяц стал крестным отцом

Now the broadcaster five godchildren!

September 2016 issued for Andrey Malakhov very intense. Besides the fact that every day he worked in the magazine and on the set of the programs of the First channel, he managed twice to become the godfather…

The other day Andrew was baptized one of the winners of the project “on vacation with Andrei Malakhov” 38-year-old Olga Prosviryakova, who recently returned from holiday in Sardinia.

According to correspondents, Olga wanted to go through the rite of baptism, and now her dream finally came true. The woman herself asked Malakhov to become her godfather, while the godmother was chosen close friend Valentyna Govorova.

Two weeks ago, Andrew also became godfather granddaughter of the producer of the programme “Let them talk” and “Tonight” Natalia Galkovich two-month of Mary.

“We’ve been friends with Andrew for over 16 years – said Nataliya, Galekovic, writes StarHit”. — He’s like a brother to me, my daughter Dasha grew up in front of him. And it was her request that Andrew was the godfather of Masha. This is a very important moment in my life… she behaved very well, crying only when she was submerged in water. A christening is a little bit delayed, and granddaughter to the same missed one feeding, so by the end of the rite first, a little bit capricious. Andrew gave Mary a large icon of St. Mary Magdalene”.

Earlier, Andrey Malakhov participated in the rite of baptism of children Philip Kirkorov – Alla-Victoria and Martin, and son of close friends of Boris.