Япония: 100 и 1 оттенок страны

Japan is a country of multi-faceted, with a large number of treasures, interesting places and friendly people. The average tourist from Russia could see only 5-7 minutes Japan. However, it is like a drop in the ocean. If you examine the country of Sakura carefully, it is possible to count more than 100 different tourist attractions and interesting places to visit for every tourist.

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You can visit the cherry blossom festival, anime. Also our staff can offer you an inspection of the main attractions of Japan and a fascinating gastronomic tour of the restaurants of the national cuisine. You will be able to visit the best amusement Park which is located in Japan. Will be able to enjoy the delicious rolls and dishes of seafood that you can enjoy FESH chef in Tokyo and other cities.

We also have special family trips to the amusement Park in kinki. This is a fascinating tour length 5 days. We get a lot of pleasant emotions and memories, will be able to ride the most dangerous and high hills. Also, during this tour you will see a lot of other activities: feeding deer, visiting Buddha temple, an ancient samurai castle and the most famous seafood restaurant.

You can choose a suitable style for you of the journey: youth in motion, VIP tours, or a family vacation. Depending on the tour chosen, our consultants will be able to choose the direction and the date of the trip to Japan.

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