Лохан закатила скандал в московском клубе

The actress didn’t have enough money to pay the bill at a swanky restaurant.

Hollywood actress arrived in Moscow for a couple of days, but the noise has done so much that her visit to the capital a long time will not forget… And although the purpose of the trip was business (Lohan flew during the filming of “Let them talk”), the star did not miss the opportunity good fun. And in the company of friends in Moscow went to an indoor nightclub “Room”.

The night adventures of the actress so no one would have known if she’d suddenly decided to throw in by grandiose scandal.

What angered the star, overlapping the entire evening (cocktails, no one really understood… But it was hard not to notice how close to the morning, Lohan waving his arms and shouting something stranger.

It was later revealed that the actress felt that she stole her cell phone, and therefore “is obliged to pay on her account. Most of the guests from Hollywood, despite the impressive fee program, cash was not in possession.

“At some point she began to shout as the victim, naturally, attracted everyone’s attention. We turned around and saw that she was waving his hands as if searching for something, while not ceasing to shout. Her guards immediately began to fuss, and club staff came to calm Lohan. She poked a finger at the girl, who was sitting with them at the table, and said she allegedly stole her phone. It turned out that when the bill came, everyone began to chip in, and she didn’t have enough money, and she demanded from the girl who stole the phone, to pay for her part of the bill. This we then told the children vacationing with Lohan”, – said the eyewitness of the events, according to Life.

However, this is not the first trick stars aggro-in Moscow. On the day of arrival she locked herself in the hotel room and refused to leave, despite the agreement with the producers of the program.

Recall, Lindsay was a guest in the transfer of Andrei Malakhov in connection with the separation with the Russian boyfriend. According to 30-year-old actress, the son of the oligarch Yegor Tarabanov lived in the States for the account, and repeatedly raised her hand.