Двойником Димы Билана оказался отец 19 детей

31-year-old Oleg Filatov from Nizhny Novgorod was famous for similarities with the star million.

A few years ago the Builder Oleg Filatov was a regular guy from the Lower Nowogrod, which knew only the relatives, friends and colleagues. But for two years he managed to become a national star and... the father of many children. And needed to do a bit – copy image of Dima Bilan.

But now, while the real Dima Bilan travels the country with concerts, his double lead corporate events to weddings and arranges his personal life. For example, now he has 19 children! However, from different women.

So it turns out that Oleg (unlike his idol) can’t deny the fans and gladly accepts the offer to become the father of their children. And free.

“Together with my daughter from the first marriage I have 19 children. Mostly girls work – told double Bilan website of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. — 16 of them now live at the Bottom. With the mothers of three of them we continue to talk on Skype. Others have asked them not to interfere, especially since I’m just warning you that I am a public figure. And they don’t need.”

Plans for the future Oleg Napoleon: he wants to be on TV!

“Of course, people understand that I am not Dima, but to me and take pictures with great pleasure. I also participate in the different scenes. On this New year, starred in “the Blue spark”. So I can tell you, there I made a splash. Cool, Antonov, other artists – all were sure that I Bilan. So I collect my portfolio and I hope that soon will go to TV,” said the father told reporters.

As for the present Bilan, he learned about the existence of his twin a few weeks ago. In the program “You wouldn’t believe” singer, having studied photography Oleg admitted that one hundred percent of myself he sees, but wishes him luck.

“There’s something. But more on Depp like – said Dima. — Although me Dappy previously recorded. Look, it’s a good idea to cover a half a planet! Well, I wish him luck. Wish him money enough to contain all its children. It is important. He has good plans. Just why do we PR it? I don’t understand.”