Полиция завела дело после избиения Романовской

Host of the popular program complained about the cuts and bruises!..

Service workers show Revizorro ” and dangerous, and difficult. And the recent incident in Vladivostok, confirms that. Visit 24 September Olga Romanov and crew transfer to teahouse “Cotton” ended with the arrival of the police. The team of “Revizorro” tried to enter the kitchen, but ran into resistance from the staff…

As a result, several law enforcement agencies received just two statements. Host of the show claims that she was beaten, and the Deputy Director of the institution accuses the team of “Revizorro” in the attack.

Now the police checks on this fact.

“Deputy Director of the teahouse and the journalist wrote a statement about the physical injuries that these statements are not being checked, – said the representative of the police, writes TASS. — Speech can go only about bruises and abrasions, nothing more.”

While the press service of the TV channel “Friday” has confirmed to Woman’s Day the attack on Romanov and announced that he would not leave the incident unpunished: “During shooting in one of the institutions of Vladivostok film crew of the program “Revizorro” does not greeted too warmly. During the three years of the program’s existence on a film crew committed many of these attacks usually react that way those who know about violations and don’t plan to fix them. But it is time they understand that to rush with fists on “Revizorro” is meaningless – all violations that are present in the institution will be found, captured, and broadcast. As for this incident, the lawyers of the channel based on the project “Revizorro” has a dedicated team of lawyers) took it under control and will monitor the progress of the investigation”.

We will remind, last time beating the crew of “revizorro” in mass media mentioned in June 2016. Then it was announced the court’s decision on the case of beating of the operator of the show.

The incident occurred almost two years ago in a cafe “Victoria” city of Salekhard. Then the crew would not let over the threshold. After a verbal altercation and a fight ensued. As a result, the operator Valentin Gerasimov was in the hospital with a traumatic brain injury, and host of the program Lena Volatile recovering from a nervous breakdown.

“I am very pleased that the government finally came to the defense of journalists that the criminals have managed to escape punishment, they do not get away with the attack on a film crew, commented earlier verdict presenter. — I believe that good always wins and evil must be punished!” (Read more HERE).