Звезда «Доктора Хауса» призналась, что ждет девочку
Olivia Wilde wants to raise a daughter this feminist.

Olivia Wilde

Photo: Fotodom.ru

During one of
recent social events Olivia Wilde admitted that she was pregnant girl.
Baby that should be born, according to Christmas will be
the second child of the actress: she already has two-year-old son Otis. This was told to the newspaper the Daily Mail.

pregnant actress announced in April of this year, posting on a social network
your photo and son, providing his signature: “we Have the same bulging tummies!” Myself and Olivia, and
the boy’s father, the groom of the actress — Jason Sudeikis — looking forward to the addition to
family. As said 32-year-old Wilde, Otis was such a terrific kid that
this induced his parents to
to have a second. Olivia tries to instill in him from a very early age
respect for women and believes that he is already, by its terms, became
“a little feminist”. And when her daughter was born, she also
will become a strong advocate for women’s rights, just like the wild. “Instill
children the idea of equality is not difficult. Only to start doing it need
early!” — says the actress.

Olivia and Jason, who all supported her
friend, met on the show in 2011. And in 2013, he proposed to her,
presenting a gorgeous diamond ring. However to formalize their relationship they’re not ready. After all, Olivia was married to Italian
aristocrat Tao’s Ruspoli, with whom she lived in wedlock about 9 years.
Moreover, the wild left about her marriage is so painful memories that
once married she is not in a hurry.