The star of “Dr. house” admitted that waits for the girl

Звезда «Доктора Хауса» призналась, что ждет девочку
Olivia Wilde wants to raise a daughter this feminist.

Olivia Wilde


During one of
recent social events Olivia Wilde admitted that she was pregnant girl.
Baby that should be born, according to Christmas will be
the second child of the actress: she already has two-year-old son Otis. This was told to the newspaper the Daily Mail.

pregnant actress announced in April of this year, posting on a social network
your photo and son, providing his signature: “we Have the same bulging tummies!” Myself and Olivia, and
the boy’s father, the groom of the actress — Jason Sudeikis — looking forward to the addition to
family. As said 32-year-old Wilde, Otis was such a terrific kid that
this induced his parents to
to have a second. Olivia tries to instill in him from a very early age
respect for women and believes that he is already, by its terms, became
“a little feminist”. And when her daughter was born, she also
will become a strong advocate for women’s rights, just like the wild. “Instill
children the idea of equality is not difficult. Only to start doing it need
early!” — says the actress.

Olivia and Jason, who all supported her
friend, met on the show in 2011. And in 2013, he proposed to her,
presenting a gorgeous diamond ring. However to formalize their relationship they’re not ready. After all, Olivia was married to Italian
aristocrat Tao’s Ruspoli, with whom she lived in wedlock about 9 years.
Moreover, the wild left about her marriage is so painful memories that
once married she is not in a hurry.