Anastasia Sumska proud husband

Анастасия Шубская гордится мужем
Wife of Alexander Ovechkin supported a loved one after losing in the semifinals of the world Cup of hockey.

Анастасия Шубская гордится мужем

Subsky Anastasia and Alexander Ovechkin

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Anastasia Sumska, in August of this year, became the wife of
hockey player Alexander Ovechkin, supported a loved one after losing team
Russia in the semifinals.

“My husband is my pride! — said Anastasia. — Always
proud and will be proud of.”

Important semifinal match of the World Cup, where the ice was found
the national teams of Canada and Russia, Anastasia could not ignore. She watched
dramatic game from the first row air Canada center in Toronto and have personally seen
as in the first half, our team, which was and Ovechkin broke
ahead, in the second the score was equal, and in the third the Canadians tore
the Russians won in the end with the score 5:3 in their favor.

Subscribers personal blog Subsky agreed that, although
the loss of the Russian hockey players played decently and ahead of them is a lot

Let’s remind, Anastasia and
Alexander met when Nastia was only 14 years old. Six months later, they
started Dating, and last year took a sweetheart offer
hands and hearts.

In August 2016, the couple officially announced
the marriage, which took place secretly. Then the daughter of Vera Glagoleva on his
page in the social network changed the name. Now Nastya is signed as

Happy young man posted a photo of a wedding c
rings, signing it: “This is happiness”. To disclose the fact of marriage
the couple decided only a week after the wedding. The celebration took place in
one of the most fashionable and stylish restaurants of the capital.

Анастасия Шубская гордится мужем

Anastasia Subsky

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Alexander Ovechkin

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