Андрей Малахов запускает вторую программу на «России-1» Famous TV presenter and chief editor of the project “StarHit” shared news. Andrey Malakhov is now not only a daily talk show on weekdays, but will also appear at the weekend on TV channel “Russia-1”. Fans were thrilled that I will be able to see him transfer.
Андрей Малахов запускает вторую программу на «России-1»

Today at 18.00 Moscow time will start the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. TV host and chief editor of the project “StarHit” now to discuss urgent problems of the society on the channel “Russia-1”. However, this is not all the surprises that await the audience. Andrey Malakhov will also appear in the show “Saturday night live”. He shared the teaser of the upcoming transfer, which will also tell about a defining moment in his career.

Easy start: how Andrey Malakhov started his career in the most popular show of the country

“Useful in life to change something”, – with such words there Malakhov in the video.

Fans were delighted from what can see one of the most loved TV presenters and even on weekends. They were quick to tell him words of support. “We are very happy. We must watch, I’m sure it will be interesting”, “Let’s wait and wish you great victories, interesting rating of esters to everything that you have to pass”, “Wait, Andrew, you. Only time is inconvenient for gardeners,” wrote a follower.

Andrey Malakhov said that will not only daily talk show and entertainment program in the day, but also to participate in other projects of the channel. Despite the fact that he left the First channel, where he worked for 25 years, he still had the kindest recollection of a significant milestone in his career. An open letter to Konstantin Ernst and all those with whom I am 25 years working on “the First channel”

Fans are literally counting the minutes till you see Andrei Malakhov in the Studio on the channel “Russia-1”. Numerous star friends and his wife Natalia shkuleva came to support him on the recording of the debut program. The presenter did not hide from the fans some of the details of the transfer. Why my wife cried in the Studio “Live”

“The strength of character of Boris is amazing. In the summer of 2015, he underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor and almost immediately came forward with words of support to those struggling with a terrible disease. In the story of the illness of Boris, my wife, who came to my first broadcast, I could not hold back the tears. Our mutual friend, journalist Igor Guskov, too, was diagnosed with brain cancer, and today is an example Korchevnikov made him optimistic,” – said the chief editor of the project “StarHit”.