Великолепная Миледи: Маргарита Терехова отмечает юбилей Today, August 25, celebrates the inimitable Milady Margarita Terekhova. The actress won the hearts of millions of viewers, is 75 years old. Unfortunately, in recent years, it does not appear in public and does not participate in the filming due to illness, but fans continue to admire the films beauty with the Soviet.
Великолепная Миледи: Маргарита Терехова отмечает юбилей

Margarita Terekhova is one of the most beautiful and talented Actresses of the Soviet cinema – celebrates its 75th anniversary. The audience no doubt remember her in the role of Milady de winter in the film “D’artagnan and three Musketeers”, the Countess Diane de belflor “Dog in the manger” and, of course, two women – wife and mother in “the Mirror” Tarkovsky. Delicate facial features and a deep look of the colors leave no one indifferent. Today it is not to see at the theater or in the new film: actress suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and the public does not appear.

Physics and mathematics and a career in theatre

The future star was born in the city of Turinsk of Sverdlovsk region in a family of actors. The climate in the Urals was too harsh: baby got a cold and my parents put her in a Sunny Uzbekistan. There Rita went to school and was fond of sports, was even captain of the Junior national team of Uzbekistan in basketball, and the coaches predicted a successful career. But instead, today, received a certificate and gold medal, went on the physico-mathematical faculty of the Tashkent University. However, the UNIVERSITY is not finished in two years, Packed my things and went to Moscow to enroll in the School-Studio of Zavadsky at Theatre of Mossovet.

“I went into the hall, where he sat Yury Zavadsky and the elite theater. The first person I saw was Vera Maretskaya. In front of me so many applicants passed, that she, my dear, already asleep. I realized that I need to Wake up… And yelled: “Natalia’s Monologue from “the quiet don”. As soon as I started reading, poor Maretskaya shuddered and stared at me. Zavadsky listened and gently asked: “do you Have anything quieter?” And then I whisper read favorite poems of Koltsov. He said, “okay, go.” I went out and heard one artist say about me “Or crazy or brilliant,” recalled Margarita Borisovna.
Великолепная Миледи: Маргарита Терехова отмечает юбилей

In 1964 she became an actress of the Mossovet Theatre, which remained her home for many years.

With her first husband – Vyacheslav Butenko, Terekhova met while studying. But the student marriage did not last long. In 1966 the artist was invited to star in the film based on the works of Alexander green “Running on waves” in Bulgaria. It was there became acquainted with the second husband the actor Savva by Gasymovym. At that moment the man was married, but for the sake of the Russian beauty divorced and moved to Moscow. The lovers settled in the theater Dorm, a year later had a daughter Anna. And again, the family fortune was not as strong. Hashimov could not remain in Moscow, Terekhova was not going to move to Bulgaria. In the end, followed by a divorce.


Великолепная Миледи: Маргарита Терехова отмечает юбилей

One of the important milestones in your career Margarita Borisovna has been working with Andrei Tarkovsky on the film “the Mirror”, which was released in 1974. Many colleagues noted the difficult character of the actress, her habit to interfere in the work of the Director on the set. The exception she did not even for Tarkovsky, who was considered a great genius.

Великолепная Миледи: Маргарита Терехова отмечает юбилей“Imagine what he’s got on the set I have intervened in the process. And he put up with me, quite incredibly. But one day he looked at me with his green eyes and said quietly, “And hohotali?” I laughed, and then continued to stick with the proposals. Because he took me to be a mother, he trusted my intuition. And even changed the finals in three scenes after my “intervention” – shared Terekhov.


In 1981, Margaret B. the second time became a mother. And it gave a lot to gossip about. Many assumed that the boy’s father is not her third husband was the film Director Georgy Gavrilov. It was said that the actress gave birth to from a Tajik businessman Sayfiddin Turaev. The man categorically denied that they were connected in some sort of relationship in addition to workers. According to another version, the father of Alexander was a popular singer Igor talc, who today toured the entire Soviet Union: it is with excerpts of plays and poetry, he is singing.

Son of Igor Talkova “thrown” on the show Dmitry Shepelev

Великолепная Миледи: Маргарита Терехова отмечает юбилей“People blossom when talc went on stage with a guitar. In Kamchatka, at minus fifteen in the room and minus fifty outside the walls, when it came out, people still smiled,” – said the actress. The death of the musician became one of the most terrible events in her life.


For several years Terekhov does not Shine on the stage and in front of the camera lens. The last time she went out on the big stage in 2012, when the festival of Russian cinema “Moscow premiere”, she was awarded a diploma and honorary prize for contribution to cinema. Surprisingly, the award was actually the first at home after assigning the title of people’s artist. The media have repeatedly appeared information that the Margaret B. completed a creative career because of progressive Alzheimer’s disease.

Великолепная Миледи: Маргарита Терехова отмечает юбилей

Daughter Margarita Borisovna actress Anna Terekhova does not deny that the mother’s health was somewhat shaken. But argues that journalists are too exaggerate.

“In 2005 my mother decided to try himself as a Director and took a picture of “the Seagull.” One of my colleagues it is not particularly supported. After “the Seagull,” she’s just exhausted, she had no strength. Therefore, to continue the creative path became impossible. Yes, now mom’s sick, I’m not going to hide it: she has problems with memory. But it’s not as bad as they say in the press. We have surrounded her with love, care. She always has loved books and movies with her participation, which she is revising, it helps and even cures it,” said Anna.

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