Алле Пугачевой предложили способ поправить материальное положение On the eve of Diva fans worried by the news about the little retirement of the artist. She spoke about this at the wedding of a grandson. Representatives of the Pension Fund responded immediately to the statement of people’s favorite and reminded her of the possibility to issue the parent capital.
Алле Пугачевой предложили способ поправить материальное положение

The solemn ceremony of Nikita Presnyakov and Alena Krasnova, held a few weeks ago, gave many occasions for discussion. Yesterday, the Network has stirred up the news about a very modest pension payments that are received by the Alla Pugacheva. The singer reported about it in a congratulatory speech to the newlyweds, the recording of which hit the net.

“My children, don’t hesitate to call. You are now an independent family. You now does not need any help. I’m so glad the pension at me small. But the year is still a stretch”, – said the artist.

The FIU of the word Diva has been surprising, because, according to them, the payoffs from her decent – even more than 10 thousand rubles. However, to clarify how much more the organization refused, as it would be a disclosure of personal data.

“Pension Alla not three thousand, not ten thousand, and more, given her work experience, – said the head of the Department of public relations and interaction with mass media of the Pension Fund of Marita Nagoga. – When Alla will finish career, it will be assigned a special social payment and the amount of funds it will receive from the pension Fund to double that.”

Note that when the star retired, she was appointed regular payments in the amount of two thousand rubles. They gradually increased and in 2015 has already reached 10700 rubles. Based on these data, it can be estimated that today Pugacheva gets about 13 700.

The FIU explained that if the money is not enough, do not have to wait until the termination of employment. Can you find a way out now. For example, to obtain money from the state to the needs for younger children.

“Alla Borisovna grow beautiful children. If it does not arrange the parent capital, it is necessary to do it. We are glad at any time to get her a certificate for maternity capital. Children Alla is already three years old, you can begin to spend the maternity capital on the educational servants and other needs of the family. We are always happy to welcome Dolly parton, to give her a document to help dispose of these funds”, – explained the situation the representative of the organization on radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Later on the proposal of the pension Fund responded to Maxim Galkin. The actor hinted that he and his wife do not plan to use them right.

“I can tell you very clearly: we don’t need, so any issues of state aid from the point of view of how many children we have or the merits of Alla, do not consider it necessary to present to the public. Because a lot of people in our country who really need netcapital. We would not want to take the time civil servants have to deal with us”, he concluded.