Андрей Малахов вывел Марию Максакову на откровенный разговор TV host and chief editor of the “StarHit” proanonsiroval the new program. Andrey Malakhov said in microblogging that today the viewers of the TV channel “Russia 1” will see an interview by Maria Maksakova. Fans are looking forward to the telecast.
Андрей Малахов вывел Марию Максакову на откровенный разговор

Opera singer Maria Maksakova widely discussed for a long time. Artist and the widow of slain ex-MP Denis Boronenkov now is in Kiev with his son Vanya. Events in the life of a woman attracts the attention of a huge audience, but because it was frequently devoted whole editions of the evening talk shows. However, the singer rarely makes contact with Russian journalists and is limited to only a few comments.

Popular TV presenter and chief editor of “StarHit” Andrey Malakhov managed to personally meet and talk with Maria Maksakova. Thanks to the professionalism, expertise, and charisma he was able to bring the star of the Opera stage to have a Frank conversation. In his famous journalist published a short announcement of the upcoming transmission.

“In the premiere programme at 18.00 Moscow – the first time Maria Maksakova only about love, betrayal and hope…” – wrote Malakhov in Instagram.

Even for several frames, you can understand that Maria Maksakova has not constrained emotions and has answered all the questions posed to her by the presenter. Fans have been eagerly waiting for the evening to see the full version of the conversation. “I’m not the First to look and all my family switch the news, if only the program with Andrew to watch”, “Andrew, you are always exclusive!”, “As always – only the coolest and interesting stories people!” – wrote loyal fans of the journalist.

On the eve of Friday, August 25, Andrey Malakhov first appeared in Studio “Live”. He was joined by the now former presenter on a late night talk show Boris korchevnikov. They shared stories about work and their careers on television. Fans listened with interest to the conversation of journalists.

To support Andrei Malakhov on his new job came many celebrities, who often visited the Studio talk show. In the audience sat the wife of the TV presenter Natalia shkuleva, which soon will become a mother. Why my wife cried in the Studio “Live”

“My colleague, a wonderful person. He is equally successful as a TV presenter and as an actor. The strength of character of Boris is amazing. In the summer of 2015, he underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor and almost immediately came forward with words of support to those struggling with a terrible disease. In the story of the illness of Boris, my wife, who came to my first broadcast, I could not hold back the tears”, – shared her impressions Malakhov after the broadcast.