Иосиф Кобзон запретил внукам участвовать в «Голосе» The people’s artist of the USSR, his views on a popular project. Joseph Kobzon did not allow the heirs to go to the audition in a musical show. The legendary singer is outraged that more and more young performers singing songs in a foreign language.
Иосиф Кобзон запретил внукам участвовать в «Голосе»

This week the First channel starts the sixth season of the popular project “the Voice.” Chair of the jury is Alexander Gradsky, Leonid Agutin, Dima Bilan and Pelagia. Despite the fact that the show enjoys great interest from viewers, not all rave about music gear. Joseph Kobzon don’t think about “Voice” and therefore banned the grandchildren try their hand at the project. He admitted that they were offered to participate in the selection, but the famous actor has rejected this idea.

“I flatly refused! No way! Why would I want to educate my granddaughters on this kind of music? The fact that I don’t watch the show “the Voice” – neither adult nor child. Not because I’m not interested – we have a lot of talented people. But I don’t like that the participants in the singing original, APE and parody other artists”, – said the singer.
Иосиф Кобзон запретил внукам участвовать в «Голосе»

Also Joseph Davidovich mind that some performers choose songs with words in foreign languages. He dreams that the young artists sang only in Russian.

“Take you time, go into the music library, take an anthology of Soviet or Russian songs, work out with the accompanist. No, it is easier to copy the deceased Whitney Houston! Why Lev Leshchenko allows himself in the concert to sing the Russian folk song, although he could limit his hits, and the youth finds it shameful?! And prefers to do all sorts of nonsense: watch-briefs, a little pregnant, a little bit in love” – says Kobzon.

Also Joseph Davydovich does not see himself as a mentor. The national actor himself would not like to join the members of the jury that teach young performers.

As Pelagia was lost to a new “Voice”

“In any case I wouldn’t mentor because they fulfill someone’s will – instruct them that they should each do on the project. Here they are, four dashing our performers, and begin to turn with the word: “Mine!” Especially emotionally it makes Pelageya”, – said Kobzon edition “Days.ru”.