Эдгард Запашный стал многодетным отцом The famous trainer has announced the long-awaited addition to the family. The bride of Edgar zapashnogo gave birth to a lovely baby. Happy parents receive numerous congratulations from the public.

41-year-old Edgard Zapashny celebrates the addition to the family. The bride is the trainer of Kiev gave him a cute son. Edgard and his fiancee receive numerous congratulations from the public.

The happy father shared a joyous event in his microblog. Zapashny asked the fans to respect his personal life.

“Today I in the third time became a father, and Kiev, respectively, mom! Now I have a kid! Thank you all for the future congratulations. The only thing I would like to ask everyone is not to speculate and not to dismiss any rumors about our Yaroslavna with the relationship! Personal life should remain personal. Thank you all again!” – said Edgard.

Users of social networks wish heir zapashnogo to grow strong and healthy, to the delight of their parents. “From the heart”, “the Main thing – children are born out of love”, “This is really cool”, “you have everything Now”, commented the subscribers of the trainer.

Previously “StarHit” first reported that the family of the heir of the circus dynasty will be a replenishment. For the lady trainer’s child was the first, and for him the third. Pregnancy Yaroslavna was very easy. Despite his interesting situation, a young woman led an active life: going to concerts, meeting with friends, out of town. “For four years they are with Edgard managed to test a relationship and realized that is ripe for posterity,” – said “StarHit” surrounded by couples.

Recall that Edgard Zapashny met with a striking brunette in 2013. The first meeting of the trainer and Yaroslavna held in the company of friends. The novel flowed very rapidly – at first the lovers spent a lot of time together, and then moved in together. Not to part with the chosen one, a young woman got a job in the Circus brothers Zapashny – Yaroslavna work there by the administrator.

Mother the trainer approved of his choice. Tatyana Zapashny like Yaroslavna. “She is kind, calm, not that we are restless. Son happy with her, I don’t!” – said the woman “StarHit”.

Heiress of Edgard zapashnogo easily found a common language with Kiev. Despite the fact that the trainer broke up with fitness coach Olga Denisova, they have kept a good relationship among themselves. Their daughter Gloria and Stephanie talk with the younger brother who was born in the new marriage women.