Andrey Chuev got rid of a million debt

Андрей Чуев избавился от миллионного долга Ex-participant of “House-2” told about the financial success. Andrey Chuev two months ago broke up with Marina Afrikantova and left the project. The man explained that now he has literally started a new life he achieved success in work, improved financial well-being and is struggling with excess weight.
Андрей Чуев избавился от миллионного долга

Two months ago, Andrey Chuev and Marina Afrikantov broke up. The man decided to leave the “House-2”, but she did not follow her chosen one. After that she talked about that for some time Andrew allegedly spent her money. According to Marina, she will pay a joint visit to Dubai. Afrikantov admitted that Chueva had some problems with money.

Today, Andrew boasted of their achievements after leaving the Marina. He made it clear that his business took off, and now the financial problems are far in the past. The man paid off some debts and has ambitious plans for the future.

“I gave Constantine one million rubles, Dima 200 thousand roubles, and on their return from the Seychelles to close the remaining amount. I bought the car and when I buy another one, got rid of a few pounds and continue to construct your body and the case. Got the job of her dreams and co-founded large construction company. Someone will say – Ponty, and I say achieve,” he hastened to boast of the successes of the star of “House-2”.

Andrey Chuev also said that went on vacation in Dubai together with his friends – Konstantin Ivanov and Alexandra Goias. He particularly stressed that can afford a luxurious vacation with the money.

Fans were happy for Andrew. They supported his desire to achieve the goal. However, some still are confused that the former participant “Houses-2” so recounts his successes. In their opinion, he should be more modest. Also, followers began to discuss that, possibly, Marina Afrikantov regret parting with a single-minded man. Afrikantov told how he suffered from the tyranny Chueva

“Andrew, all properly written. Well you’re not Marina, not yours. All at you will be good. Have a good rest” “I am very happy for Andrew. I never doubt that he will achieve all its goals! Well, the Marina behind it! Good Luck, Chuy!”, “Well Done, Andrew. A real man. Marina will still bite your elbows”, “well Done! A real man knows how to earn and achieve anything in life!” – wrote fans Chueva.