Maksim is scared by the changes in the figure

МакSим напугала изменениями в фигуре The singer posted in Instagram photo with a naked belly. Fans of Maksim noticed much postroynevshaya idol. They noted that the actress has lost weight for the last time and asked her to pay more attention to health.

Marina Maksimova, besides music, loves sports. Jogging, tennis, dancing is only a small part of the active Hobbies of the stars. So, on the eve of a celebrity posted on Twitter the picture, which appeared in short shorts and the top off abs. In the post Belle lamented the fact that deprived areas for athletics.

“My running track was flooded,” – wrote the artist.

But followers women are more interested in not embarrassing situation, and the thinness of the star. Some are impressed by her strength of will and slender fit body, stressing that the favorite is in the ideal weight, while others seem kind of Maksim painful and asked her to pay more attention to health.

“You’re so skinny!”, “Even scary to watch. Favorite singer, please eat more and still not lose weight. You the most beautiful and talented!”, “Beautiful! Elegant figurine! But more is not necessary”, – said users of the social network.

Despite the comments scared the fans, the positive reviews turned out to be much more. Some followers Marina Maksimova (the real name of the star – Approx. ed.) was delighted with the look of a celebrity. They did not hold back emotions singer left the nice feedback.

“Whoa, that is beautiful! And legs, legs! Well, just a bomb!”, “Marina, you divine beauty. For ten years, love you. And it is not treated”, “you are beautiful and slender!”, “What do you think? I also want this figure! Marina beauty! Cute!”, “Just incredible! Looks like I regained motivation for the sport,” “Shape-fire” wrote the excited fans of the artist.

It is worth noting that a celebrity is not often shared with followers with photos from training. However, recently the singer published a picture, which depicted at the moment of sitting on the twine. The delight of the fans knew no bounds. They unanimously decided that the form and physical training of Marina deserve great respect, and the star can be proud of your hard work, and natural tenacity. By the way, many even expressed a desire to record personal training sessions to Maksim, and some promised themselves to keep up with idol and starting next month, to enroll in a gym. However, the celebrity refers to their beautiful shape with irony, and the frame with twine signed and did jokingly: “Tired after work! Sit down, girls?”