Olga Romanovskaya told about the difficulties in marriage

Ольга Романовская поведала о трудностях в браке The singer shared way of solving problems. Olga Romanovskaya 10 years, lives with her husband Andrew. The actress told fans that the secret to a successful family life.

The ex-soloist of group “VIA Gra” Olga Romanovskaya 10 years, lives with her partner Andrew. The couple has two children. Despite the fact that fans believe a couple of artist and businessman an ideal, a celebrity admits that, as in any family, they with the husband had problems in the relationship. Now from the height of a 10-year experience of living together Romanovskaya gives advice to fans on how to overcome some of the difficulties. She was advised to resolve all issues with your loved one

“A lot in our married life there are no obstacles that have not jumped, we fell. Perhaps we spend so much time together and happy because in such a situation, one (one) did not throw(a) second(uyu) to lie down, and stretched a hand to each other and then ran again together, shoulder to shoulder. Learn to listen, learn to trust and open up. Problems are not solved, if you play the quiet game. Not to save a relationship if you let them outside. Love you!” – appealed to fans of the singer.

Fans listened to the wisdom of the 31-year-old woman. They noted that Olga is absolutely right. Members thanked her for the advice and wished the couple a happy life together. “I bow to you Ol! Words with deep meaning of life”, “you’re beautiful. Inexhaustible love!”, “Perfect! I love you,” wrote the followers on the microblog artist.

Recently Olga and Andrew celebrated the anniversary of their life together. Fans are delighted at a couple and wonder how the artist manages to combine career and child-rearing. Romanov admitted to “StarHit” that she was trying to spend more time with family. Olga Romanovskaya: “I’m not the best daughter-in-law”

“Now because of little family traditions. Before every weekend we gathered with friends at someone’s home and loved the fry. Weekend for us purely children’s days. Sure my husband and boys drove in the movie, the game centres. We had a culinary tradition – we prepared the cake “House”, it is very easy to prepare, but terribly high in calories. The kids loved the process of making the cake because there is cut marmalade, fired chocolate… the Kids always helped me in the kitchen,” – said Olga.