Андрей Чадов купил квартиру в элитном районе Москвы Andrey Chadov has acquired a long-awaited apartment in the capital. The actor has long dreamed to buy a property, and now is the proud owner of luxury apartments.
Андрей Чадов купил квартиру в элитном районе Москвы

During the filming of a new drama series channel “Dомашний” where Chadov plays a major role, the actor’s secret shared with “StarHit” the joyful news that he finally bought an apartment!

“This is the first square meter, which belong to me – cheers Andrew. – Before housing was removed. Incredibly happy with the purchase. So everything was perfect, appealed to the designer. I want the interior in the style of hi-tech. I love it when the house is dominated by minimalism, a great amount of detail irritating.”

Apartment of 120 sqm located in the exclusive area in the New Riga, where the owner of a property, many representatives of Russian show-business.

“Now there is in full swing repair. Yet ready ceiling and whitewashed walls. In the near future will flooring. Plan to make it of wood, put a thick layer of oak that was nice legs. And definitely heated. I think it’s very like my dog — Sadiku. However, mom says it’s Wolfy because he is constantly in motion and runs a lot. And Chadic — a nickname from my childhood, I used to be so called. With pet we are alike,” — said the actor.

Fans are very happy for Andrew, because I know how long he had dreamed of their own home. For several years Chadov came after a long filming in a rented apartment. And after his brother Alex divorced with Agnia Ditkovskite, relatives and even a few months shared square meters, trying to distract each other from personal problems.

Despite the constant demand in the profession, Andrew long did not dare to buy housing. He carefully studied all the proposals, and eventually found the perfect option. Now fans are wondering with whom Chadov will share cherished square meters. Despite the intense interest of fans, the actor prefers not to extend about private life, carefully concealing his novels.