Анна Седокова лишила экс-супруга встреч с дочерью перед его смертью Recently, the court ruled, according to which the singer and her ex-husband can both bring up Monica. During the school year, the daughter of Anna Sedokova is going to live in the US while on vacation Maxim Cherniavsky will allow her to stay with mom. It turned out that the businessman was satisfied with the proceedings, because he knew, as another ex-husband of the actress, Valentin Belkevich, lost the opportunity to see Alina.
Анна Седокова лишила экс-супруга встреч с дочерью перед его смертью

Anna Sedokova and Maxim Cherniavsky signed a settlement agreement according to which they have equal rights in the upbringing of his daughter. Monica, which is not allowed to meet the mother, finally able to see her. Earlier, the lawyers of the ex-wife of singer did not give her to communicate privately with a child, because you were worried that she may kidnap the child. Grandma Cherniavsky explained why he decided to sue her grandson feared that will never see Monica. According to her, Anna already did so, when deprived of the father of the first daughter Alina meetings with her.

“The court determined the place of residence of Monica. Custody of them 50/50. So far nothing has changed. There was another point, why did Maxim did so. First husband of Anna footballer Valentin Belkevich, when they divorced, signed Sedokova permission to travel abroad for a year. Prior to their departure to America Belkevich took Alina to his Kiev, presented her huge bags with toys and clothing. It was evident that the child he loved.

Later Sedokova asked Belkevich permission to travel for three years. They say that every time not to run to the notary. Valentin gave such permission. Anna broke off all communications with him. Valentin found me and asked to phone his daughter Alina. He called the girl a couple of times, and then Sedokova changed Alina’s phone number. Belkevich immediately filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles. 11 Nov 2013 in the second division of the Supreme court of Los Angeles (judge Scott. M. Gordon. Case number VN 009308) heard the case on the return of the minor daughter of Valentin Belkevich from USA to Ukraine. And he lost it because were not three years that he let the daughter out. Belkevich died in August 2014 (the athlete have a clot, he was 41). Before he died, the child is not seen”, — explained Marina Petrovna.
Анна Седокова лишила экс-супруга встреч с дочерью перед его смертью

Anna and max were divorced in 2013. In that period Sedokova demanded that the husband pay her alimony. He stopped doing it when the singer began to threaten that will take away the child to Russia.

“Before the wedding they entered into a marriage contract, which in case of rupture of each remains with their money and property. But Anna this was not enough, and she filed for Maxim to court to get the contents. They signed an agreement under which it received a good amount of money, two cars, and alimony. The agreement was the condition that Sedokova must live in Los Angeles and time to communicate with her daughter to share c Maxim in half. In Los Angeles she lived, Monica was all the time with my dad. Maxim is fully contained Monica and have to pay alimony to Anna. And then stopped paying (of course, notifying the court). It happened when Anna said that Monica takes in Russia forever,” the grandmother said Cherniavsky.

During the relationship with Maxim Anna was often on the road. She starred in different programs, and also performed concerts. So it was that after the birth of Monica’s Maxim was in a wheelchair. By accident, he broke the legs screw in from the boats. “He went through six operations, the year was confined to a wheelchair. Fortunately, later recovered. I don’t know why there were rumors that max was cheating on Anya. On his part of cheating was not exact. He studied the baby and the house, and when recovered, returned to work. When Monica was a month and a half, Anna flew out of Los Angeles, where they lived after the wedding, to Russia, to the presentation of the film “Pregnant”, where she played together with Dmitry Duuuum. Anna has stayed in Russia for about 2 – 3 months, then came back, spent two weeks with family and again returned to Russia. And so – the last six years,” recalls Marina Petrovna.

Monica now spends all his time with dad, grandmother and great-grandmother. Anna Sedokova will celebrate the birthday of her daughter, but it is not known where the party goes.

“I live in Kiev, but often in Los Angeles with Larry and Monica. Then I replaced the mother Maxim Elena or godmother Monica Olga. We always care about Monica, near her family’s always loving people. Every morning, Monica is eating Breakfast with dad. He takes her to school, talking with the teacher. The girl has an English teacher who makes her home lessons. Maxim works. He has a serious construction business. Every evening, all weekends and holidays Monica spends with dad” — described the situation Marina Petrovna in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.