Дарья Донцова: «Я очень хочу жить» The writer wrote the screenplay for the new programme dedicated to cancer patients. Boris korchevnikov helped her to implement the project on the channel “Spas”. Darya Dontsova she overcame cancer a few years ago and wants to help other people.
Дарья Донцова: «Я очень хочу жить»

The most prolific author of detective stories in Russia, and maybe in the world, named the house in honor of beloved Pets “Pug house”. Getting into it, realize that it is a Paradise for everyone – people and animals. Cozy three-storey cottage surrounded by pines. Across the lawn, jumping squirrels, all over the flower beds. I’m greeted by a smiling hostess and immediately escorted to the veranda where on the table are a plate of khachapuri and coffee making facilities. You hear the door someone scratching, it opens, and I ran out to meet the pugs. Lick hands, throw on the knees legs, trying to reach the person grunts instead of barking. Then they are joined by a dog of a rare breed of pagl named muffin. Daria – honestly, I do not dare to call this young and blossoming woman by first name, sits down opposite. We joke about how old you are. Our heroine says that she twelve year old girl and can’t become more serious. However, Dontsova is a little disingenuous, because in recent years it has a very important mission: involved in charity work, helping the Church, and recently on the channel “Spas” came her program “I really want to live”, dedicated to cancer patients.


Daria, how long have you written programs?
Дарья Донцова: «Я очень хочу жить»A couple of years ago came up with a program where the people come with cancer, or already overcoming his illness. In the story, the protagonists share their experiences and motivate others just like them, not to bet on the future path of the cross. Offered to many, but anywhere did not, explaining: this is a difficult subject, and people have all the fun… Decided that the project was useless. And then I met with Boris by Koschevnikovi over a Cup of coffee and told him about his idea. Bob made some calls, and two days later we got the budget and the blessing of his Holiness Patriarch to the shooting. The management of “Saviour” did not talk about ratings and advertising. The principal was not money, but the opportunity to help others.—
Among your guests are mostly people with severe fate. Share the story that has touched you the most?
Дарья Донцова: «Я очень хочу жить»Each person in life there are difficult periods of testing. For example, Natasha Rostova tuberculosis and cancer – diseases that cannot be fought at the same time. So she sits and happily chirps that during treatment, met future husband and her life beautiful. Although Natasha is the tenth chemistry and there is still two operations. But she’s happy. I always say that cancer is a tricky thing. If you treat it calmly and not blaming the whole world for the troubles, then at the end always expects a gift. Many after watching the program changes the attitude to adversity, it is easier for them to carry it.—
Know that you also support the seriously ill children…
Дарья Донцова: «Я очень хочу жить»I’m connected to Marfo-Mariinsky convent of mercy in Moscow. We have a lot of programs. One of them is a free kindergarten for toddlers with cerebral palsy. After all, the child with this diagnosis can learn to feed herself, to serve herself, to speak, requires a lot of effort and money. Not every family is able to afford a speech therapist, masseur, physiotherapist. And in the garden of the monastery, all for free.
Дарья Донцова: «Я очень хочу жить»
Great! And who helps you?
Дарья Донцова: «Я очень хочу жить»A. For example, Sergey Bezrukov, bright person. Is the owner of the hotel complex, which recently brought the children to the sea without taking money.—
And what is your function?
Дарья Донцова: «Я очень хочу жить»Fulfill all requests of mother Elizabeth, abbess. For example, am the tree that holds the temple. They are visited by 500-600 children. I buy gifts. When the factories know that the book is for the Church, as a rule, do discounts. There are a lot of good people. Called once from a small town and asked for help: no Christmas presents for orphans. At that moment, was in the gym, offered to present their children’s books. And then I wondered: “How to send 400 copies?” And here comes up to me one of visitors of club – Karen, owner of a major company who accidentally heard the conversation, and offers: “I Have a wagon, I will bring”. Later I was contacted by a volunteer. It turns out that Karen not only brought gifts, but also sounded the car products. A true Christmas miracle! Everyone was happy to tears.

Circular saw

You are a busy man. A big family time remains?
Дарья Донцова: «Я очень хочу жить»Try to properly allocate responsibilities. Spouse, academician, doctor of psychological Sciences, Professor, too much work. But sometimes our schedules coincide. Recently a friend called my father and invited to Sergiev Posad, promised there all show. Soon we will go.
Дарья Донцова: «Я очень хочу жить»
This year mark coral wedding – 35 years! What’s the secret to such a long Union?
Дарья Донцова: «Я очень хочу жить»Sometimes I ask the girls what they want, and hear in response: “loved life”. And it should be the opposite: “I will always love you husband.” And remember: you age. When your spouse turns 50 years old, he is already different, not like 25, when he offered his hand and heart. The Beatles in the last century sang: “do you want me when I’m 64?” It is necessary to fall in love with her husband each year anew. Woman-circular saw has no chance for a happy marriage.—
Daria, and what shortcomings you are finding yourself with age?
Дарья Донцова: «Я очень хочу жить»Their three dump trucks. For example, to lead and to control. It is clear that not everybody likes it. I have adult children, a wonderful daughter, wife, Dima. Of course, I want to climb and swing their rake in a strange swamp. But I say to myself: “And you came to the taste and the comments mother-in-law? So shut up”. Can’t stand dirty toilets, which can often be found in TV studios. But why complain? On the way we visit a restaurant, and on the set of don’t drink the water. Can fly on a jet broom, but not for long.—
As husband reacts?
Дарья Донцова: «Я очень хочу жить»With Alexander Ivanovich impossible to fight it all one answer: “You’re right, dear.”—
You’re so good! Who helps at home?
Дарья Донцова: «Я очень хочу жить»Garden husband does, he’s a gardener. There is a housekeeper Natasha, who has 20 years with us. I cook for myself.—
What’s you grandmother, you already have three grandchildren?
Дарья Донцова: «Я очень хочу жить»Mishutka, son, daughter Masha, two and a half years. He had a good ear. Already plays the violin. Found a music school that takes two years. And he’s so excited! All asked: “Baba, when I go to my classes?” Nastya 14, she’s pretty keen on rifle shooting, loves dancing. Arina 8, while interested in horses, dolls, pins…—
See in them a resemblance to each other? Maybe the temperament the same?
Дарья Донцова: «Я очень хочу жить»Don’t want someone got my bad temper. Children simply love.
Дарья Донцова: «Я очень хочу жить»
Дарья Донцова: «Я очень хочу жить»In our family it is not accepted to fulfill all desires. Grandchildren receive gifts for New year, birthdays, Easter. Nastya is intelligent, knows how much money in the family, and just asks nothing. Arina is also possible to buy things without her presence.—
Children help?
Дарья Донцова: «Я очень хочу жить»Before you go out, always send the daughters Masha, your photos. She is my personal stylist. Dima is actively helping in social networking, she can only put a photo in Instagram. We have a very good heirs.

Attack of the pugs

In childhood loved viola Tarakanova (one of the heroines of the novels by Darya Dontsova. – Approx. “StarHit”). How many books are already released?
Дарья Донцова: «Я очень хочу жить»Recently released two hundred. But this is only the detectives. Tales, cooking is not considered.—
When nine years ago he moved to Moscow, every third in the metro read Dontsova. And now?
Дарья Донцова: «Я очень хочу жить»The phone weighs less than a book. Therefore, in the subway you see more people with gadgets than with paper publications. But this does not mean that a physical book disappears, she’s still popular.—
Even children’s books contain illustrations of your favorite Pets. How many of them?
Дарья Донцова: «Я очень хочу жить»Four pug. Black is the Marshmallow. Beige – cat, Cookie, and the youngest – Josie, gave her girlfriend from Hungary. Very often staying MAFI, dog daughter.—
Among them wormed cat San Sanych?
Дарья Донцова: «Я очень хочу жить»We have always had cats. Spouse loves them. When he died Cleopatra, Alexander wanted a red British. We found, but only the black, called San Sanych. He is tolerant, but if the dog’s audacity reaches the limit, San Sanych loud meows. But if the suggestion does not help, suitable, not letting the claws of the paw on the head of a hooligan – boom!—
You have a lot of statues and things with pictures of dogs. Give?
Дарья Донцова: «Я очень хочу жить»Itself buy, and present. When the number exceeded two thousand, stopped counting how many exhibits in the home Museum. The collection has been gathered for many years. It is as rare specimens, and figures for a little money. My poor husband, seeing the attack of the pugs in the house, timidly said: “Dear, not in my office…” Although a couple of dogs in there it would fit.—
You are actively engaged Instagram. Opened it to show pugs?
Дарья Донцова: «Я очень хочу жить»In fact, I started a page to cancer patients was fun. My dogs do there stunts.
Дарья Донцова: «Я очень хочу жить»
Smile when I see your funny video for example, dog Cookies in a pink bow…
Дарья Донцова: «Я очень хочу жить»And were you surprised that she is still talking in English? Open secret: my Director Olga helped me to find the app “Talking pet”. I mastered it. Oh well, that many users began to ask: “And how is she talking?” I say, “Pugs just learned to speak our language!”—
What you progressive!
Дарья Донцова: «Я очень хочу жить»So what? I was a young girl, the seventh of ten years. Sometimes, I hear from someone the phrase: “Dasha, don’t run for a bus, he already departs from the bus stop!” And why not, if you can? Do not feel old. Let’s better your room with the pugs will tell. Just promise me that you won’t laugh! And then all the journalists start to giggle.—
I promise!