Степан Меньщиков покупает квартиру для бывшей жены и детей The star of “House-2” wants to see five year old son and eight month old daughter. Stepan Menshikov wants to free loved ones from housing problems. A year after the breakup, the former couple was able to establish warm and friendly relations.
Степан Меньщиков покупает квартиру для бывшей жены и детей

The star of “House-2” Stepan Menshikov last fall parted ways with his wife Eugenia. Despite the fact that 41-year-old showman and his lady grow two children – five-year-old Vanya and her a barbarian, they failed to keep the family together. Immediately after the couple left, Stepan has promised that will not leave children and in every way to help, both financial and to take part in their upbringing. Now a former member of the famous electroni intends to make a living the closest to his people – he intends to solve the housing issue and to do that they forgot about rented apartments.

“In the near future we will move closer to dad. Decided after years of discussion. Steve lives in Ivanteyevka, I think I will be comfortable. Now my main business is a children, I rarely come to the centre, – said Eugene “StarHit”. Stepan plans to buy an apartment: one for themselves, another for us, so after about six months we plan to move there. Of course, this housing is designed not by me but by him, he is the owner. But it doesn’t matter – what matters is that the children were provided.”
Степан Меньщиков покупает квартиру для бывшей жены и детей

Men’shchikova admitted that now she and Stepan rented accommodation. A young mother is happy that soon will live with her ex-husband, because the children always want to hang out with dad, but because they do not have to travel long distances to see.

“Step throughout the year, calling us closer to him, but I resisted. When I saw that children need to see dad, took this decision. It is clear that the daughter is still very small, so me and son will be able to spend the night with him, and I won’t worry” – says Eugene.

Степан Меньщиков покупает квартиру для бывшей жены и детей

Eugene said that after a year, her ex-husband has developed a good relationship. However, she didn’t think of to return to the ex-spouse. Until the heart of ex-member “House-2” freely, since it is entirely absorbed by the care of children and work.

Степан Меньщиков покупает квартиру для бывшей жены и детей“While I have none, but I’m not puzzled by this question, now has other plans. With Stepa year established the fellowship, can now visit each other’s homes, in the country even can relax together. I am totally against the reunion, he confessed to Eugene. – Also the son of sly, says that the family needs to be complete, mom and dad together. and me and him constantly. Vanya loves the wilderness, but without me.”